Google Affiliate Cancels Controversial Toronto “Smart City” Project

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Google Affiliate Cancels Controversial Toronto “Smart City” Project

by B.N. Frank, Activist Post
May 27, 2020


An increasing number of people worldwide are opposed to living in “Smart Cities” due to cybersecurity, health, and privacy concerns — and rightfully so (see 123456).  Last year Activist Post reported about a highly opposed “Smart City” Project in Toronto.  Earlier this month, it was abandoned.

From The Guardian:

Sidewalk Labs’ CEO said unpredictabilities stemming from pandemic meant project was no longer feasible

Google’s affiliate Sidewalk Labs has abruptly abandoned its vision to transform Toronto’s waterfront into one of the world’s first “smart cities”.


“As unprecedented economic uncertainty has set in around the world and in the Toronto real estate market, it has become too difficult to make the 12-acre project financially viable without sacrificing core parts of the plan we had developed,” he wrote.

The sudden end to the Quayside project marks a stunning downfall to the vision championed by the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and Eric Schmidt of Google, of a community built “from the internet up”.

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Way to go, Toronto!

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