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David Icke talks about the state of the world — Trump, progressives, Zionists, billionaires, fake news and the state of the alternative media. Icke takes it all on with masterful clarity, explaining how all of those people/things are part of a coherent whole when you understand how the dots connect.

“…the whole right, center, left political paradigm is a gigantic hoax. It’s a hoax because, in the shadows all these different, apparently alternative political persuasions are actually masks on the same face of a force in the shadows. And that’s why, whether it’s a left government or a right government, essentially the same things happen and the world goes in the same direction.”

And here, David Icke talks about the solution and how the control system is a house of cards.

David Icke – The Solution

“…we are policing each other all the time through ridicule, through condemnation … There’s only a few who, in full knowledge, are behind this control system and they have to get the target population to police the target population. They don’t have the numbers to do it themselves.
I have a simple philosophy on life — so simple — do what you like so long as you don’t impose it on others. Dead simple. That’s it.
I love when  people say to me there’d be anarchy. What about people murdering each other? Well, I think murder could just about constitute imposing your will on another person.
And when you think about that simple philosophy it overrides all law, need for law, if we live that. We don’t need laws that say don’t murder when you wouldn’t impose yourself on another person. And we can do this.
You know, if Henry Kissinger wants to sacrifice George Bush, be my guest as long as you both agreed. ‘Cause when you leave the body you’ll feel right prat and you might learn something in your eternity.
I get interested when they try to impose things upon people who don’t want those things imposed upon them. That’s what the control system’s trying to do. That’s why I’m interested.

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