Has Britain Finally Found Its Backbone??

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Has Britain Finally Found Its Backbone??

by Mark Devlin
August 16, 2020


With many effective protest events now joining the legal challenges launched against the UK government – and with the increasing absurdity of the “regulations” deleting not just our natural-born rights and freedoms, but standing as an affront to common sense and basic intelligence – it’s inevitable that more and more are going to come over to the side of truth and justice.

And we need those numbers. Regardless of whether there’s validity to what is said to be happening internationally under cover of Covid, we ourselves are the only ones we can rely on to put down the tyranny and restore our freedoms.

We CAN do this. And we WILL.

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TCTL Editor’s note:

Mark also gives a good overview of ongoing “Q” narrative in US.

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See also Gareth Icke’s speech at Birmingham Lockdown protest on August 15, 2020.

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