How Many Millions Will Be Murdered by This Bio-Weapon Called the Covid-19 “Vaccine?”

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How Many Millions Will Be Murdered by This Bio-Weapon Called the Covid-19 “Vaccine?”

by Gary D. Barnett,
January 30. 2021


People across this country and around the world are having horrible adverse effects or dying after taking this injection called an mRNA “vaccine.” It is not a vaccine at all, it is a bioweapon meant to cause any number of problems and death in order to satisfy the agendas of those few that claim to be the ruling class.

The elderly have been the hardest hit so far, because they are the first to be targeted with this weapon, and they already have in many cases, co-morbidities and compromised immune systems. The perpetrators of this “vaccine” policy fully understand this, and are attempting to claim that this injection has nothing to do with the very high percentage dying very quickly after taking the shot. This is the easiest group to target, because the state can manipulate the narrative much more effectively due to the age and weakened health condition of this targeted group. In addition, they are a captured control group that can be used for experimental purposes, and in the process, also be made much more vulnerable due to this captured state and close contact situation. This is by design. The evil Andrew Cuomo was able to take advantage of this tactic when he forced most all the people in nursing homes in New York to remain locked up together, even moving very many sick patients into these homes. That was simply a type of premeditated murder.

Mass injection at nursing homes is causing high percentages of deaths in a very short amount of time. The injection itself seems to be causing fatal sicknesses in these patients, causing stark changes in their health immediately, all leading to death.

These mRNA shots are not vaccines, but delivery systems meant to harm, control, and kill. No one knows the long-term and gene-altering effects of these poisons, so beginning with the elderly for this experiment was planned all along, and for obvious reasons. When the old and infirmed die, little attention is paid by this now indifferent and frightened population. Months or years from now when the long term effects begin to cause death in the younger and healthier crowd, it will all be blamed on some new or mutated virus strain, when in fact, it is likely that the fatal effects will have been due to vaccination of this bioweapon.

By using false PCR testing at high cycle rates, the old will be said to have Covid, when no such thing has ever been purified, isolated, or identified, and therefore does not exist. After testing positive, the deadly “vaccine” is given, and when the inevitable death occurs, it will be blamed on Covid. The narrative (propaganda) will then be that they had Covid so could not have died from the injection. How convenient for the state. They kill these poor people, and then use the deaths to further their agendas of fear in order to control all. These are evil psychopaths without any conscience or soul.

The highest percentage of deaths to date have been in nursing homes, but these deaths due to the state and its criminal partners in the pharmaceutical industry are being caused in most part by this toxic mRNA concoction that is more akin to a bioweapon than a vaccine.

Brian Shilhavy, editor at Health Impact News, has written about and described this situation thoroughly in his article titled:

24 Residents Dead in 3 Weeks as One Third of UK Nursing Home Residents Die After Experimental mRNA COVID Injections.

There is much research and information in this article, and what should be taken from all that is going on is to avoid this deadly bioweapon called a “vaccine” at all costs!


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