How to Avoid Mandatory Covid Shots at Your University or College

How to Avoid Mandatory Covid Shots at Your University or College

by The Weston A. Price Foundation
July 28, 2021


Numerous schools have announced that COVID-19 injections will be compulsory for student attendance.  We would like to share some information on how you can potentially avoid the experimental shots by obtaining either a religious or medical exemption.

There is no time to wait!  The latest Human Health Service’s reporting system data shows that 470,898 people have reported injuries and 5,467 deaths have been reported, even though it is estimated that only between 1 and 10 percent of all vaccine injuries are ever reported.

Recent data also shows many people under 30 are suffering from heart inflammation, blood clots, and low platelets post COVID-19 injections.

Interventions that interfere with bodily autonomy, especially forced vaccination, should never be stipulated as a condition of receiving an education!

Take Action:
  1. Submit a religious or medical vaccine exemption.
  • If you are applying for a medical exemption you will need to obtain one from your doctor.
  • You may also want to contact your school and let them know why you OPPOSE COVID-19 injection mandates.  If more people oppose the mandates, they may reverse their policies.  Be sure to address these concerns to the schools’ Presidents and any affiliated board members.
Sample email for Action #2:

“Hi, my name is ____ and I am deeply concerned about compulsory COVID-19 injections for students.

To date there have been nearly half a million people who have reported their vaccine injury to the government’s vaccine injury data base (VAERS.)    Many young people are among them; a significant number of teenagers and young adults have experienced myocarditis (heart inflammation), blood clots, stokes and more following COVID shots.

Looking just at people under the age of 30 who have reported adverse reactions to the government, over 90 people have died, over 600 people have reported life threatening reactions, and 375 people have reported permanent disabilities following a COVID injection.

Young adults are at a very low risk for COVID, and it is not appropriate to force them to take the risk of death or permanent disability in order to attend school.  I urge you to reconsider your policies and support your students’ access to education.

Be sure to explain why this issue is important to you. You may wish to use a couple of the talking points below.  Don’t copy all of them – just use them as ideas to help structure your own message.

TALKING POINTS for calls and emails:
  1. COVID-19 injections were created with completely new gene-based technologies.   These messenger RNA and DNA shots are experimental and have not received full regulatory approval.
  2. COVID-19 injections were rushed to market.  Standard vaccine testing takes 6-10 years, not mere months.  We do not have long-term safety data on large populations.
  • On June 22, 2021 the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) said there is ‘likely’ a link between heart inflammation and Moderna and Pfizer’s messenger RNA injections.  The committee members acknowledged 1,200 case of heart inflammation in 16-24 year olds and advised that there be a warning statement.
  • No published studies demonstrate that patients who have already had a prior COVID injection benefit from the injections.  Why require universal COVID-19 injections?
  • Vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline have paid billions of dollars in criminal penalties and settlements for research fraud, faking drug safety studies, failing to report safety problems, bribery, kickbacks and false advertising.[i] [ii] Pfizer paid $2.3 billion in 2009 alone to resolve criminal and civil allegations.[iii]
  • COVID-19 injection manufacturers and providers are shielded from liability through the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, or PREP Act.  The only option for compensating people injured by COVID-19 vaccines is the Countermeasures Injury Compensation program (CICP).  Only eight percent of all petitioners since 2010 have been awarded compensation through the CICP.  No legal or medial expert fees are covered, no pain and suffering is awarded, lost wages are capped at $50,000, and there is no judicial appeal.  In other words, the victims will be severely undercompensated while the pharmaceutical companies get rich.
  • The US Supreme Court recognizes vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe” and to cause injury and death in some recipients.  The US Government has paid out approximately $4.4 billion to the victims of vaccine injury.  Hundreds of thousands have reported an adverse reaction to vaccination to VAERS.





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