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Huawei 5G Research Lab Fire

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
September 30, 2020


So far, the twenty-worst century has proven to be pretty bad, having started off on a real downer with the election of Bush the Stupid and Vice-President Martin Borma… er… Dick Cheney, then all that business in Florida about whose chads were really hanging – Bush’s or [aptly named] Gore’s – then the execution of Timothy McVeigh, whom some witnesses at the scene said was still breathing as his corpse(?) was laid on the gurney to haul him out of the execution chamber, then of course the grand false flag of all false flags, 9/11, with all the conveniently highly suspicious financial activity associated therewith, not to mention the “New Physics” of skyscrapers falling due to burning jet fuel, pancaking floors, and managing to do it all at freefall speed, then the financial “bailouts” of 2008 as the house of derivatives cards came crashing down, and the banksters before Congress were acting like kids caught in the cookie jar, or like they were panicked because someone offstage had some sort of tall-building-collapsing-technology-guns to their heads, and ending up with the perpetual four-year tantrum we’ve been subjected to in the last four years, and finally the Fauci-Baal Gates-Lieber-Wuhan virus planscamdemic, increased bluster from Mr. Xi and what appears to be some sort of covert hot war going on with China.

It’s with that idea of a possible covert hot war with China that I’m concerned with today. My suspicions that we might be looking at such a covert hot war began with the explosion of the chemical plant in Tianjin China in 2015. There was nothing unusual about the explosion itself; chemical plants can and do explode. What was unusual about it to my mind was not only the size of it and the massive amount of destruction it caused, but the crater it left; it was a big crater, to be sure, but it was not a shallow one. Rather, in terms of a diameter-to-depth ratio, it seemed extraordinarily deep based on the pictures that emerged, though to my mind, I don’t recall ever seeing any actual data on its depth. The pictures, however, appeared to be telling; a chemical explosion above ground would tend, even in a building, to go “up and out” following the path of least resistance, rather than “down and deep”. At the time, I speculated that perhaps China had been deliberately hit with a “rod of God” kinetic weapon based in space. Nor was I the only one thinking it. Others saw the same pictures, and reached a similar conclusion for similar reasons. The question was who, and why? Then, almost on cue, North Korea, China’s uppity client state, had an earthquake which supposedly ruined some of its nuclear facilities, and more recently an American general was caught offguard(?) by a reporter who asked him if “all the options on the table” with North Korea included “kinetic weapons,” to which the answer was “yes.”

Then we started having hospitals and ammo dumps explode in Russia, and, right on cue as if someone was shooting back, more chemical plant explosions, this time in Texas, France, and Spain. Then, after that, a weather system that parked itself for weeks in the Indian Ocean, resulting in massive floods in China, the ruination of its harvest, and concerns about the Three Gorges Dam. Then Mr. Xi’s army picked a fight with the Indian army, which I think went much worse for the Chinese than they’re willing to admit, followed by Russia not sending its S400 surface-to-air missile system to China, while sending it to India and parking more batteries of tactical missiles in Siberia. Chinese papers then reasserted their claims to Vladivostok (good luck with that one!), India extended a billion or so dollars of credit to Russia (some of which I actually suspect came from America, believe it or not), and invited American soldiers to the hot zone along the Chinese border, signed a military logistical assistance pact with Japan, and recently articles have appeared connecting Chinese financing of Antifa and BLM (and don’t forget those seized arms shipments and counterfeit dollar bills coming from China)… well, you get the idea. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this. Either this is a remarkable string of coincidences – and I’d like to see the actuarial tables on it – or it’s not. My wager is that it’s not.

With all that in mind, I received from many readers this story:

Massive fire breaks out in Huawei 5G research facility in China (VIDEOS)

Now it’s the timing, and place, of these fires that intrigue me and make me strongly suspicious that this is the latest episode in this possible “covert hot war.” Mr. Trump, for example, has prohibited Huawei from any more engagement in the USA, and other countries are following suit and even sending messages of their own. The Canadian government has shown a rare episode of sanity under the wacky Mr. Trudeau and suspended further free trade negotiations with the country. And now a fire at a Huawei research facility which, according to some sources, was researching 5G antennae. Given the recent claims of a Chinese virologist that the Wuhan virus was an engineered biowarfare technology, and given my own speculations that we’re looking at a “magic  virus” with a possible electromagnetic and/or nanotechnology component, part of which might be microwave interferometry, I can’t help but think “Hhhmmm…”

The timing also is suspect. It’s convenient for whomever might be behind this possible “hot covert war”, and highly inconvenient to Mr. Xi. Even if it should prove to be entirely an accident – and I don’t believe it is – it’s another example of a failure on the part of his government, which is finding itself increasingly isolated diplomatically (consider only the failure of the Chinese foreign minister’s recent visit to Europe).

So, yes… the Huawei fires rank right up there, in my opinion, with the flooding, and the Tiangjin explosion.

See you on the flip side…

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