In Solidarity With Our Brothers & Sisters Standing for Freedom: Videos of Global Protests Around the World

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In Solidarity With Our Brothers & Sisters Standing for Freedom: Videos of Global Protests Around the World


Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: Many readers from around the world — the majority from Australia  (special thanks to Margaret in Australia who shared many links) — sent videos highlighting the courage and dedication of those who took to the streets yesterday for the Worldwide Freedom Rally.   Because Australians are facing some of the most heavy-handed, draconian attacks right now, the video selection below begins with Australia. 

This post is done in honor of the many courageous people all over the world who continue to stand up on behalf of freedom and truth, regardless of threats and harsh treatment from governments, politicians, ‘medical’ workers and ignorant bureaucrats.

We are including a small sample of videos from around the world. There are far too many countries involved to represent them all here.

If you are participating in the resistance right now, thank you. Please join me in sending loving support and  respect for all who are standing up and leading the way. Thanks to all the filmmakers who do the work to give us a view of events around the world.

To follow the Worldwide Freedom Demonstrations, see their telegram channel or go to their website



by Real Rukshan

Victoria Police ignored multiple pleas by Victorians to allow their peaceful protest against the Andrews government and lockdowns to continue without violence. People marching through Richmond were corralled and kettled by police throughout the day, setting the stage for tense confrontations and violent arrests.

Police had originally planned for a major protest within the CBD, and as per the request of CCP Shane Patton, the Andrews government agreed to shutdown all public transport and create a ring of police-checks around the city. Protesters however thwarted these plans by moving the location of the protest to Richmond instead, therefore catching the police off guard.

This video edit highlights some of the contrasting moments of the day.

A full live feed of unedited footage of my report is available at the following link:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

by Aussie Cossack

Melbourne, Australia. Australian Police attacking an unarmed 70 year old woman by slamming her onto the ground and finishing her off with pepper spray? Well done to Journalist Marty Focker for capturing this footage.

Read related article from Image that SHOCKED a Nation

by Aussie Fighter


With the biggest police presence in 20 years, the government had announced that it was going to completely lock down the city of Melbourne. So when I cycled to the city this morning I was not sure how the planned protest would unfold. Twenty minutes before 12pm I got a message saying the crowds were meeting at Bridge Road in Richmond.

A smaller than usual crowd had found its way there, and as the police advanced from both sides, the crowd took the side streets. The police seemingly backed off at first, but then attempted to block the crowd in from both sides. A stalemate developed as the protesters were slowly crushed into a smaller and smaller area. Forget social distancing.

People then began jumping a fence and this set the march off across the Yarra River towards Kew. The crowd, blocked again, detoured down Barkers street — a cutting through the hillside. For a good camera view, I took to the cycle path above to see a heavy police presence waiting at the bottom of the cutting. More police quickly blocked escape by coming up behind trapping the protestors.

I’m not quite sure what the police expected — but the whole pincer and trapping strategy could only lead to one conclusion: a charge to evade being trapped. The action was inciting ‘action’ — deliberately. You can see in the video how it unfolded.

by Avi Yemini

It’s unclear if The Age & Herald Sun plan to defend their staff injured by police brutality. So far, they’ve only painted police as the victims.

Full @Rebel News report:

by @ETKE21

To the people in Melbourne on the front line today, YOU FREAKIN’ ROCK. There were splinter groups every where, but those who got there first copped the police kettling tactics again, not allowing them to disperse.


by Fearless Nation


Additionally, +2 million in São Paulo and +1 million similarly gathered in other state capitals.


by Free Speech Warrior


New Zealand

by @ETKE21

This video is from an event on September 13th but worth watching for their creative approach to getting the message out.

Zombie March in Whangarei, #NewZealand on Sept 13th – reminds us that Jacinda is leading a Covidian Cult. ( TELEGRAM CHANNEL ” 21st Century Wire (Official)


by Svašta nešto

BEOGRAD, 18.09.2021. [Belgrade, Serbia]

United Kingdom

by Free Speech Warrior

London: Freedom Rally 09/18/2021

by Free Speech Warrior


United States

by Lincoln Karim

Times Square September 18, 2021

by Free Speech Warrior



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