Indra Singh w/ Dr. Tom Cowan: Indian Farmers’ Revolt — A Story of Courage and Love

Indra Singh w/ Dr. Tom Cowan: Indian Farmers’ Revolt — A Story of Courage and Love

by Dr. Tom Cowan w/ Indra Singh
March 25, 2021

“The misconception is that Indian agriculture was basic and subsistence. And the reality is, they were probably — maybe the most advanced agriculture that’s ever been on the planet before the corporatization of agriculture.” 

~ Dr. Tom Cowan


While most people would say the biggest story in the world right now is the Covid crisis, another huge but less well-known story is also happening. This is the amazing story of the Indian farmers’ revolt happening near New Delhi since last March.

In this week’s podcast, I interview Indra Singh, who is chronicling the heart-warming, inspirational story of how the farmers in India are rising up against corporate and government oppression. It is a story of courage and love and an inspiration about the road to a future we all need to create. Please don’t miss this conversation; it will bring tears to your eyes and give you hope that we, the people, are far from defeated.

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