International Resistance Against Medical Tyranny Update: October 1, 2021

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International Resistance Against Medical Tyranny Update: October 1, 2021


Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: So much is happening these days that it’s difficult to keep up and impossible to individually post all videos and articles that come our way. The collection of videos below, all shared online within the past few days, give a brief overview of events around the world.  A new update will be provided at Truth Comes to Light every few days. Many thanks to all of the content creators who stand in solidarity with freedom and who are dedicated to sharing the truth.



It’s Hard to Believe This Is Australia
by Del Bigtree, The HighWire

Perth Mandate Protest -Sept 23 2021
by CreativeWorks 


Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro exposed the plan of the globalists on the passport of vaccination
by Aussie Fighter


Croatia President Against More Vax -Sept 23 2021
by CreativeWorks


No vax, no job Italy protest – Sep 26 2021
by CreativeWorks


Jamaica Mandate Protest -Sept 2021
by CreativeWorks


Dutch Restaurant Rallies Against Passports #Netherlands #Utrecht / Hugo Talks #lockdown
by Hugo Talks


NORWAY: All restrictions are lifted. No nonsensical vaccine passport, no medical apartheid, no clotshot mandates.
by Aussie Fighter


Polish MPs Protest Under Australian Embassy Over Human Rights Issues – TRANSLATED
by Aussie Fighter [original video — Meet Karma YouTube]
In this video Polish leaders speak out about the severe violations of human rights happening right now in Australia.

Puerto Rico

How My People of Puerto Rico Protest Vax Mandates
by raulh7814


Slovenia Pass Protest -Sept 23 2021
by CreativeWorks


Switzerland Pass Protest -Sept 23 2021

United States

Florida Firefighters Refuse Vax Mandate -Sept 23 2021
by CreativeWorks


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