Is It Ever Too Late To Wake Up?

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by Zen Gardner
May 28, 2013


It’s remarkable how little they have to do anymore to get their desired results. It seems it takes just one ripple in the collective mind and the mesmerized masses jump however high they’re told.

This staged London slasher event is another such example.

And what pre-designed Machiavellian step does it lead to this time? “Let’s see, we’ve been doing guns for a while, let’s go for…internet censorship.” Wow, are you kidding? That’s a leap. They’re getting pretty ballsy.

The problem is that a major hunk of society swallows all this bullshit and thinks it’s real. If enough people would just point the finger at these phony stunts they’re putting on and call ’em out on it and refuse to respond or cooperate with any of their machinations, these psychopaths would shrivel up and die for want of an audience.

The Illusory Veil Will Be Rent

It’s so far down the tubes now with with lies, deceit and cover ups while they jam their fascist program down everyone’s throats that people couldn’t bear to start to realize how far they’ve been taken. The shock would be too much.

Or so they think in their current mind set and paradigm.

When the shift hits the fan big time and the masses are forced to wake up, whatever happens in their collapsing lives to trigger it, we will be living in a very different world. The spiritual reigns supreme so whether people are spiritually conscious or not, the real state of affairs is running around and through all of us like WiFi. And on many frequencies like a radio or television.

Remember the world of pre-9/11? You almost can’t any more, but this so-called security insanity and climate of terrorism fear was almost non-existent.  It was there but safely remote – which is why they knew it had to be brought to US soil to get the desired effect, same as Pearl Harbor did to get Americans behind entering into WW2, and which the 9/11 perpetrators openly admit was their model and goal in their literature. But who’s looking, once again.

The political aspect is just one side of this designed shift they’re trying to establish as our reality. Just as our atmosphere is decimated and our food and water are contaminated, and the bombardment of nuclear and electric radiation continue unabated in massively manipulated weather systems, the social structure of society and the very mindset of humanity is being altered by the day. As conditions continue to deteriorate and the levels of draconian controls and outrageous lies escalate, the veil of disguise they’ve foisted over their hijinks is going peel open to reveal the awful truth of what’s happened to all of us.

That’s going to trigger the mass psychosis underlying the mass belief system and it ain’t gonna be pretty. And I suspect they know this. But to them it won’t matter as societies turn into war zones for survival. They’ve deliberately planned this outcome as well as planned for this outcome with their own safe havens to flee to.

They Know We Know

The picture of the Heinz Kissenger look alike at the top with his detainees from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy captures what a rude awakening is like. When people get detained or their loved ones get questioned or mugged by the militarized police state goons it starts to hit home. When they break into your home and take your guns or pot or shoot your dog for barking you start to wake up. When the airport security assholes pull another old lady in a wheelchair aside and have her strip down -and it’s your grandmother – you start to wake up. When your internet connection is monitored and your website attacked by Israeli hackers you start to wake up.

The Dark Rulers know we know what’s going on. They know it big and tall. That’s why the disinfo is increasing, trying to  weave thru the community and trolls are showing up more and more with obvious intent. They’ve having a tough time though, we’re bound by a fabric “they know not of”.  They never will.

Love, compassion, and truth. Not part of their vocabulary, MO or lifestyle.

They’re simply parasites. Unfeeling, blindly grubbing diseased parasites.

But know for a fact they know a great and growing swathe of us are on to them and their dark, demonic chicanery. That’s a fact. They just figure they have enough of the mind-mushed masses under their spell that there’s nothing to worry about. They think “those gnomes” will never believe what we say with all the programming they’ve slipped into them, and they’ll get to us soon enough in their “clean-up” campaigns.

Reminds me of Einstein’s famous quote, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Ha! Hey guys, that goes for you! You really don’t get it, us or anything. Just a short time left to exercise your greed and cravings for energy and control. You will shrivel up and die in the Light of Truth.

Bet on it, bastards!

So When Is It Too Late?

Unfortunately this rude awakening will be too late for most in many ways, although at least finally waking up is in a sense never too late. It’s just that their lives here may likely be horrifically affected and possibly terminated soon after this realization for want of waking up sooner.

We’re talking serious suffering that could have been avoided, at least in part.

Obviously there are many levels of all this, as well as many levels of awakening. Each has its place, and every individual has his or her own story. Fundamentally we’re accountable to the True eternal Voice in our hearts. In order for someone to shut down there has to be a decision or series of decisions involved, at some level, somewhere, to do so. The true conscious Voice and reaction may, and most likely has been, suppressed by outside forces and for that we have to give allowance.

We live in a very dirty dimension of systemic abuse at many levels and we must keep love, kindness and understanding as our guiding force while staying true to Truth. On the other hand, deliberate shutdowns are another story.

When it comes to trying to help people wake up, some say you can’t mess with people’s karma but I don’t know about that. We can’t force anything on people in good conscience when the point of this life here is to learn to respond individually and consciously to a conscious Universe. But when the baby is reaching for the electric heater you don’t just watch. If friends or family or anyone for that matter is hypnotically marching in a row of people that you know goes straight over a cliff, you don’t stand idly by and say I hope they wake up soon.

How can you? That’s clearly not conscious. That’s sleepwalking. With serious consequences.

Don’t Let Environment Dictate Your Actions – You Decide

Oddly enough we’re living  in an engineered, numbed-down world now that is just so conditioned to not respond to the obvious. How many times do you hear about people watching a robbery or beating in the streets and doing nothing. Or Stockholm syndrome submissive behavior in the face of horrific circumstances.

Life has become a spectator sport people are not fully engaged in.

How soon will the main act in the coliseum be the captured awakened vs the militarized police lions to entertain the rulers and their zombified masses?

Won’t find me there. If I’m going down it’s gonna be taking the real fight, for Truth, straight to them.

The point to all this is our awareness needs to be full, truthful, and pragmatic. Helping someone realize what’s really happening here, and preparing for the inevitable break down that’s about to happen, are very conscious actions.  They aren’t radical or weird. You’re alive in a virtual petrified forest. It’s matter of fact. If it was any clearer to us we’d disappear into the next dimension. And that serves a purpose.

It gives strength. It encourages faith – which is knowing, not believing.

We know what’s going on. We must tell others. We must be examples of such to the very best of our abilities and speak and demonstrate it forcefully.

We must detach, we must be true to the Truth.

In love.

Where love is, hearts will gather to share the warmth.

Keep on. We can’t lose–because we’ve already won!

Much love, Zen