ITNJ Testimony on Corona Fear & Weaponization of the Biosphere: Andrew Wakefield & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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Corona Emergency Hearing #6: Andrew Wakefield – Director ‘Vaxxed’ the Movie & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Vaccine Awareness Advocate

by International Tribunal for Natural Justice
recorded May 22, 2020
posted June 5, 2020



On 22nd May, 2020 Andrew Wakefield – Director ‘Vaxxed’ the Movie & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – Vaccine Awareness Advocate gave testimony to the ITNJ

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Sacha Stone:  “I do have a final question for Dr. Wakefield. And in light of what it is that we are learning — not just as a judicial a commission of inquiry, but in millions of conversations and concerns being raised by people all around the world.  The sheer degree, scope of havoc, and pandemonium that is being orchestrated in the lives of billions of people. Hundreds of millions of vocations and jobs being lost.  Tens of millions of small business enterprises are collapsing.  The planetary autoimmune system — not just of human beings but of all ecosystems, living systems, coming under threat by the perpetual cycles of the diabolical as it relates to bad science, bad medicine, being being rolled out. Being preferred, being orchestrated, being financed, and so on and so forth. In light of all of that the misery that is being caused to countless families as elderly members of the families are dying in old age homes,  sequestered away from the loving embrace of their loved ones, of their family. These are desecrations of the fabric of the soul of humankind that are incalculable. They make the Nuremberg trials look lightweight by comparison in some very real sense, when one considers the true weight of the crimes being perpetrated against seven-odd billion souls. My question to you Dr. Wakefield is in that Nuremberg Trial 2.0 — which is certainly going to emerge out of the back end of this totalitarian attempt at the takedown of humanity, our global economy and so on — in that Nuremberg trial, who ought to be in the front row as the primary defendants of a global class action —  individuals first and institution second place.”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield: “Very good question. Given that they have the opportunity to present a defense as well as to face questioning, i think there are a number of people who need to explain their actions including Tony Fauci,  including Bill Gates, including the head of the World Health Organization, including the Chinese who were responsible for biosecurity in Wuhan, the scientists who were conducting these studies knowing that they had been shut down in the United States of America because, precisely because, of the objections of fellow scientists… Let me just say this in a general comment, and that is because we we appear to be in a somewhat dire situation, in Vaxxed we had a scene which we cut from the movie. It didn’t make it in but it was very telling and it was Red Square on mayday at the height of the Soviet empire.  And it was terrifying. There were thousands and thousands and thousands of troops marching in perfect step and there were tanks and there were armored cars and missiles.  The politburo was standing there saluting us this huge display of power, of apparently indomitable power, went past and it was terrifying. It could never fall. It could never ever fall. And then in the blinking of an eye was gone. It was gone. So extraordinary things can happen and they can happen when a few good people decide they should happen. And I  really do believe that it is up to us to take charge of this, to take a collective responsibility — an individual and collective responsibility — and if we don’t then we should be on trial in the front row in those trials as well.”


In the event that the original video is censored and deleted by YouTube, link here to a mirrored copy on Truth Comes to Light Bitchute channel.
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