James Corbett on the REAL Meaning of GameStop

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James Corbett on the REAL Meaning of GameStop

by James Corbett, The Corbett Report
February 8, 2021


In this conversation (recorded on February 1, 2021) James spells out what the GameStop / WallStreetBets fiasco was really about. Not that some retail investors were able to squeeze some hedge funds who were naked short selling and thus “win the game” (spoiler: the government will not allow David to beat Goliath), but that millions of people have just seen the markets for what they are: A fake and rigged game run by a mafia that will never allow you to win. This is an educational moment about the power of decentralized movements that people of all stripes pooh-pooh to their detriment.

If you appreciated this conversation, check out the full hour-long conversation between James and Pete Quinones on the Freeman Beyond the Wall podcast, which includes a discussion of the historical technocratic movement and how it evolved into the governing principle of the growing technofascist dictatorship.

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