James Corbett’s Red Pill Series: On China War Propaganda & the Interests Behind China’s Rise to World Power

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James Corbett’s Red Pill Series: On China War Propaganda & the Interests Behind China’s Rise to World Power


“…There’s clearly a sort of a profit motive and a desire for monopolistic control over various industries and essentially recolonizing areas of the globe under the sort of secret deals and what have you. But at the end of the day it’s about control over the planet itself. And I think that’s ultimately what unites seemingly disparate factions — from China, from Russia, from the US, from every other country.
There is a certain clique at the top of these various power structures — that all agree we need to completely control our citizens, our cattle, and be able to control everything they are doing, surveil everything that they’re doing, control their transactions and interactions on a daily basis — ‘of course, that’s what we want’.
The only question is who’s going to be at the top of that ultimate power structure. And I think that’s the quibbling that does go on.  But that’s the why. That’s why this is being done.
And, as I say, I keep going back to this because Sutton has laid it out in so much detail in the past. And, in fact, a point that I’d forgotten actually until I went back and relistened to this podcast, is that Sutton, in 1984, wrote America’s Secret Establishment in which he said ‘By about the year 2000 Communist China will be a “superpower” built by American technology and skill.‘…”
“I think we need to reconceptualize what WWIII is because, yes, of course, whatever kind of geopolitical, nation-states-at-war kind of idea that we have about warfare, I think the real war, the war that actually matters, is the war on us, all of us.
By our own governments and by people in these foundations, in multi-national corporations — all of these various seats of power — working against us. Specifically to control us, to track us, to surveil us, to make sure that the human element cannot rise up to spoil their perfect monopolistic enterprise.
And until we wrap our heads around that concept, I don’t think we can even enter the playing field of this 3D chess game.”
“They get their power from us. They get their power from us. I cannot stress that enough. We are the building blocks of this system that they try to slot into place. That is precisely why they try so hard with their propaganda to get us to go along with their various agendas — because they want us to willingly accept it.”
~ James Corbett


James Corbett Destroys the China War Propaganda

by James Corbett, The Corbett Report
June 15, 2021


In today’s edition of The Redpill Series, James Corbett joins Patrick MacFarlane on the Liberty Weekly podcast for a hard-hitting, information-packed and wide-ranging conversation on the 2D China vs. US war narrative that is being steered by the war propagandists and the 3D China + US reality underneath. In addition to China and the New World Order, James and Patrick talk about The Great Convergence, the question of how WWIII will be fought and what part we have to play in derailing this propaganda narrative before it destroys humanity.

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