Jerm Warfare’s Jeremy Nell & Dr. David Rasnick on the Great Cancer Swindle

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Jerm Warfare’s Jeremy Nell & Dr. David Rasnick on the Great Cancer Swindle


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Brief excerpt from the interview:

Dr. David Rasnick:

The prevalence of cancer, the increase of cancer worldwide is due to the increase in carcinogens in our environment…

Jerm (Jeremy Nell):

Hold on, Dave. So, are you saying that, for example, during the time of the Roman Empire, cancer would have been… cancer prevalence would have been very low?


Yeah. Pretty close to zero.


Wow. Okay. That’s interesting.


Even before the industrial revolution it was pretty close to zero,

The industrial revolution increased carcinogens, pollutions in the environment. Almost all cancer, almost all cancer, is due to environmental carcinogens — poisons that we put in the environment.


And could those poisons also be perhaps childhood vaccinations?


Oh, Lord, yes… My goodness yes. Our environment includes what we breathe, what we eat, what we’re exposed to, what we inject in ourselves…


David Rasnick on the Great Cancer Swindle
The causes of cancer are not what we’re told they are

by Jeremy Nell, Jerm Warfare
July 11, 2022


David Rasnick is a biochemist with decades of research in AIDS and cancer, and returned to my podcast to discuss cancer and why most of what we’re told is wrong.

Cancer is an extremely complex subject, so I’d recommend reading his summary article in which he outlines, in fairly layman language, the foundation of his argument.

Basically, it’s known as Aneuploidy Theory, and it is in stark contrast to the current Big Pharma model of cancer. Obviously, Aneuploidy Theory is “discredited” and dismissed, as a result. But, as pharmaceutical scientist Mike Donio said, the pharmaceutical industry is untrustworthy and thrives on sick people and unscientific methodology.

David’s conversation is worth watching because he used slides, but it’s possible to get by with audio only.

View and Dowload PDF of David Rasnick’s paper “The aneuploidy theory of cancer and the barriers to its acceptance”


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