KFC 3D Prints “Chicken Nuggets” & Reveals Transhumanist “Future of Food”

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KFC 3D Prints “Chicken Nuggets” & Reveals Transhumanist “Future of Food”

by Christian Westbrook, Ice Age Farmer
July 26, 2020


KFC’s 3D printed chicken nuggets are more than a gross novelty — they herald the unveiling of synthetic, lab-grown foods as a replacement of traditional agriculture, and a total takeover of our food supply by the technocratic transhumanists that seek total control. Christian explains why this is a significant inflection point in the devolution of our food. Spread the word and start growing food and raising animals today!


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  • joe roberts
    July 28, 2020, 10:15 am

    They are Satanists and they need to be removed from the earth.