La Quinta Columna: Electrofrequencies Emitted by 5G Antenna Cause Collision of Hundreds of Birds

La Quinta Columna: Electrofrequencies Emitted by 5G Antenna Cause Collision of Hundreds of Birds

by Orwellito, Orwell City
December 10, 2021


A shocking video recorded in El Ferrol, Galicia, illustrates the effect that electrofrequency pulses emitted by 5G antennas have on birds, affecting their sense of orientation, causing the inevitable collision and subsequent death of many of them.

These same wave qualities affect humans and can cause acute radiation syndrome and further complications if the graphene oxide factor is considered.

In the following video brought to you by Orwell CityLa Quinta Columna explains what happened to this group of birds and why.

Video available at Orwellito Rumble channel.


Ricardo Delgado:

Let’s see this video, José Luis. It’s very shocking. And it’s not exactly about people, but about animals. Specifically, about starlings in El Ferrol. See what happens because someone, probably a follower of La Quinta Columna, had the opportunity to record a video with a cell phone camera that not all of us have, capable of capturing between 14 and 15 megapixels. And this is saving us a good amount of audiovisual testimonies about what happened the precise moment those starlings fell in the vicinity of the hospital in the city of Ferrol, Galicia. That is, let’s watch the video and judge for yourselves.

It says: “A video shows —COPE published it— the strange attitude of the starlings that died in Caranza when they collided with each other.” Remember that this is in the vicinity of the hospital, just behind the courtyard where we found a telephone antenna. Remember this because this is the firing pin weapon. Let’s take a look at the video, I’ll zoom in because I don’t know if I can put it in full screen, so I’ll zoom in. Zooming in to 200%. Well, here I think we’re more or less going to see it. Here it goes. Let’s see if the video loads. It says: “A video that has just been made public shows the strange attitude of the starlings that died around nine o’clock last Friday, November 26, in the neighborhood of Caranza. In the absence of official confirmation as to what caused the death of about 150 specimens, the graphic work captured from the Hospital Ribera Juan Cardona shows how the flock of birds collide in mid-flight, and how part of them fall straight to the ground.”

The strange thing about this case is the collision in mid-flight of the starlings, something that some of the experts consulted by COPE Ferrol cannot explain. The investigation rules out that the members of this flock died of avian flu”. But man, how can they all die simultaneously from bird flu? Of course, that’s nonsense. “Or by electrocution. This is what COPE Ferrol has been told by a source of the investigation.” But they don’t tell you what they died of. See? “They had trauma to their wings and legs. That is, they were in a decayed state and unable to fly.” They crashed. “Which causes them difficulties to stand up. Faced with this situation, they were treated with force-feeding and mobilization of the fractures observed.” That was what was done with those who were left half alive. “The corpses…” It says: ” To determine if the cause of death could have been intoxication, samples were taken for toxicological analysis of the brain, heart, lung, trachea, kidney, and intestine, and the results are currently awaited. Several hemorrhagic lesions were observed in the intrathoracic area, larynx, and cranioencephalic region, seriously affecting the heart, respiratory system, and brain, but which cannot be related to a viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection. And so, the tests carried out confirm negative for avian influenza.”

Man! They say it can’t be linked to a viral condition and yet the omicron variant does affect your heart, right? That’s what they’re saying. And the brain, too, as they’re telling us.

“The report also stresses that electrocution cannot be determined as the cause of death either since in such case, edema and burn necrosis should appear at the entry and exit points of the electric current.”

They tell you what it isn’t, but they don’t tell you what it might be. You already know what it is. But the video won’t load. I don’t know why. Let’s see. I’m going to adjust it a little bit more because it’s shocking. I have already watched it before. And now I don’t know why it doesn’t load. I’ll look for the exact moment, see if it’s down here. Let’s see. No, that wasn’t it. Let’s load the page again. Let’s see if we have luck. These are inconveniences that happen in the live shows we do. Now. Well, there you can hear the sound of starlings. And now, there comes the moment when they start to move. Look, there they come out. Something has happened, and they all come out. And now watch what they do. There they collide. You see? And you can even hear the noise of the fall. Let’s see, I’ll play it again. Look at it. Let’s see if it can be reproduced. Maybe having gone back a little bit has screwed up the reproduction. Let’s see. It doesn’t play. It takes a while to load. We know the internet is acting up more than it should. We’ll play it from the beginning. Listen for the crashing noise at the moment when all the birds drop all at once if it loads again. Well, there they go. Notice here they collide disoriented, and you can hear the noise of when they fall on a plate or somewhere. I think there are more than hundreds of birds. And then some of them flee in a flock as if they have received the impact or the pulse of something. Impressive, isn’t it?

Dr. Sevillano:

Yes. They were disoriented. Surely all these changes in the behavior of the flock of starlings are due to a level of orientation and perception of the group that, surely, is disturbed when the wave reaches them. And surely, one group got “disconnected” and crashed against the other. That’s what we have seen there. The flock, instead of being coherent in its evolution? There are two groups, one goes, and one comes, when in fact they had to go all in the same direction. Surely, there was an antenna nearby. It’s probably in the hospital from which everything was recorded.

Ricardo Delgado:

Yes, there is one. We saw it yesterday. There’s one just about 80 meters from where this happened.

Dr. Sevillano: 

That’s the one that has caused part of the flock to become disoriented. Part of it has become disoriented and echoes the other. They have fallen, as they say out there, in a straight line. I think that…

At the crossroads, all the ones that have been impacted have been left. They have been killed. That’s why the lesions are hemorrhagic. But surely, you’re not going to detect the reason why they’ve become disoriented. It’s like dizziness. What sign can vertigo leave when you’re subjected to that? It leaves you no sign. It simply throws you off balance. But there’s no injury. There isn’t. And it’s the same with birds. The injuries are derived from trauma. That is what generates the hemorrhages that have been seen.


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cover image credit: gerlindefelber / pixabay