La Quinta Columna on What Parts of the Body Are Most Affected by Covid Vaccines and Why This Is Happening

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La Quinta Columna on What Parts of the Body Are Most Affected by Covid Vaccines and Why This Is Happening


Dr. Sevillano on the most affected organs post-inoculation

by Orwellito, Orwell City
November 24, 2021


In a new round of questions addressed to Dr. Sevillano in La Quinta Columna, he was asked which organs are most affected post-inoculation and why.

Below, Orwell City brings his answer in English.

Video available at Rumble.


Ricardo Delgado: ‘What would be the reason why the vaccine attacks different organs in different people?’ Because it’s a toxicant…

Dr. Sevillano: Well, very good question. That’s a very good one. At the moment, this has two targets. One is the heart —you’re seeing what’s happening at the moment— and the head. What’s happening is that as we’re realizing, it seems to be that the heart is suffering more damage than the head and the cardiovascular.

That’s to say, the product is going into the blood, and in the blood, it’s generating thrombosis. Don’t lose any more. First, there are thrombi, and then there are the different places where this thrombus can do damage.

The first thing: it causes damage in the blood, it causes coagulation, but then, when it can cross, let us say, the capillaries, and it starts to localize in many places, it starts looking for, it stays, it tries to get into the places where there’s an important electrophysiological activity, such as the heart and the head.

But in the head, it has the blood-brain barrier, and if the size of the particle is very high, it doesn’t cross it. We don’t know if it’s entering or not. It seems to be entering the heart more than the head, but in reality, it goes everywhere. It goes everywhere. It goes following… What happens is that it’s attracted to the places where there is great electrophysiological activity. A great activity, such as the nerves, the nervous system, and the heart.

Why? Because they’re cells that are constantly working, constantly launching electrical stimuli. The heart and the nerves. Muscles need a tone for that, they need a rhythm, but they don’t have the intensity, let’s say, they don’t do the same work that the heart does, which is constant and permanent, of contraction and relaxation, and it is completely directed by electrical polarization of its cells. Those polarizations aren’t done by the muscles of the skeletal muscle system. It’s a much less powerful activity.

That’s why people suffer, above all, from nerve problems, Guillain-Barré —like what this guy told us earlier— and in the heart more than in other places. But it does go elsewhere. And it’s responsible for hepatitis that has been seen and continues to be seen. And pancreatitis. And what else has it triggered? The meningoencephalitis that we’ve seen. I mean, that does go everywhere, but particularly, it goes to you know where.

Ricardo Delgado: Heart and head.

Dr. Sevillano: Exactly. And be careful because people who drink it or swallow it … When they ingest it develop gastroenteritis of those that give diarrhea of those in which you spend four or five months with your pants down looking for the toilet all the time. And they say that they don’t know where it comes from either.

There are quite a few of this type of colitis they haven’t seen, and they don’t know where it comes from. They don’t know.

They do the biopsies, and they say, “This was colitis that I don’t know how it came about.”

In other words, it was an inflammation of the colon and so long. But we do know. Especially, when you see those kinds of patients fall near antennas.

Those people drink it somehow in some product, whether it’s in the water or in the food. That’s where those kinds of problems come from. But it does affect, mostly, the heart and the head. And what makes me think that right now we’re not seeing people losing their minds completely, is that I get the feeling that the particles are too big to get through the barrier. And that’s why little material gets through, at the moment. But wait until the new doses start to contain smaller-sized particles.


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