Las Vegas Shooting: Eyewitness Accounts Challenge Official Narrative

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Source: John E Hoover
Published on Jan 29, 2019



It seems that in the FBI and LVMPD’s rush to judgement, they neglected to interview a number of witnesses. Do witnesses matter anymore?

When is it appropriate to disregard an eyewitness to a mass murder?

How many witnesses are appropriate to disregard?

What grounds do we use to disregard their testimony?

The caliber of the rounds found by Reno and Giles matters. The magazine they found – from what weapon system ? – that matters too.

Unfortunately, the LVMPD closed the case almost 6 months ago. The FBI closed their Investigation January 29, 2019. This will not stand.

The LVMPD is finished releasing videos. The case is closed.

The FBI and LVMPD have presented zero forensic evidence:

a. connecting Stephen Paddock to any of the weapons

b. connecting any of the weapons in the room to the rounds recovered from the victims and survivors

This is preposterous. Unacceptable. Absurd. A Mockery. It will not stand.

Active duty and retired law enforcement personnel across the country are demanding that Sheriff Joe Lombardo step down or face impeachment for malfeasance.

In another compelling documentary of the Las Vegas Shooting massacre that took place October 1st, 2017 at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas, the team at WeAreJohnCullen assembles a montage of accounts from the attack.

Why is the Media / Press ignoring the most salient aspects of this story?

This isn’t speculation. This isn’t hyperbole. We are John Cullen. We won’t stop.

We have put forth enough evidence to warrant further investigation by the free press, if one still exists.

Why do we not see FOX News, CNN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, the NY Times or Washington Post digging in and asking the tough questions?

If this doesn’t spark the mainstream media to re-launch the investigation into the Las Vegas Shooting, they should be ashamed of themselves..

As the Media / Press has given up on investigating the Las Vegas Shooting altogether, independent journalists are all the survivors and victim’s families have to bridge their current situation with an understanding of the true events of that night, and who to hold responsible, ultimately, for this travesty.

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It’s time for answers. It’s time serious questions are asked. It’s time to arrest co-conspirators if this incredible evidence conclusion is correct.