Lawsuit Filed Against “Fact Checkers” Who Silence the Truth About the Severe Damaging Effects  of  Climate Engineering & Weather Modification

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Lawsuit Filed Against “Fact Checkers” Who Silence the Truth About the Severe Damaging Effects  of  Climate Engineering & Weather Modification


Geoengineering Watch Vs. The “Fact Checker”, Lawsuit Filed

by Dane Wigington, GeoEngineering Watch
February 18, 2022


The so called “fact checkers” are shutting down legitimate science debate regarding climate intervention operations and countless other critically important issues. Our right to free speech is in the balance, it’s time to hold the fact checkers legally accountable for their actions. The 15 minute video report below outlines the context of the legal action being taken against the sole scientist responsible for Facebook’s censorship of and The Dimming documentary.


The two page press release for the legal action filed against Dr. Douglas MacMartin can be viewed in the PDF below.

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Lone Scientist Triggers Facebook Censorship of Climate Science Data

Shasta, CA Should an individual scientist have the right to censor scientific data from the public? What if that data had disastrous implications for both human health and the longevity of Earth’s ecosystems? What if the conclusions don’t conform to official narratives, but are backed up with scientific testing, recorded testimony from former Federal and State scientists, high ranking military members, physicians, pilots, industry insiders and other experts with key insights into the subject matter at hand?

A recent lawsuit filing in the Superior Court of Shasta County, California by Dane Wigington, lead researcher at, may answer these questions with international implications.

Dane Wigington is seeking damages against Dr. Douglas MacMartin (aka Douglas MacMynowski), professor at Cal-Tech and Cornell University, alleging MacMartin’s actions as an “independent fact checker,” triggered Facebook’s censorship of the Geoengineering Watch 2021 documentary film The Dimming and subsequently all other forms of affiliated data posted on Facebook. (View the full film of The Dimming)

“Dr. MacMartin’s actions have not only done very real and verifiable damage to many years of research and publication efforts,” stated Wigington on his weekly national radio broadcast Global Alert News, “but more importantly, his attempt to stifle legitimate scientific discussion, to suppress results from methodically collected data on an issue of such dire importance, has deprived much of the public access to this critical information. They have a right to know about the ongoing global climate intervention operations.”

As chronicled in Wigington’s film The Dimming, Geoengineering Watch conducted high altitude atmospheric particulate testing in a NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) flying laboratory. Air samples were collected from visible trails being emitted by large jet aircraft and then analyzed by scientists using electron microscopy at a world-renowned US laboratory. The scientists were able to identify primary climate engineering elements, as named in climate engineering proposals and weather modification patents, including aluminum and barium nanoparticles.

“The title of the documentary is in reference to the climate science community’s stated objective of geoengineering, or solar radiation management operations, to reflect or ‘dim’ a percentage of the sun’s incoming thermal radiation in a desperate, dangerous and unimaginably destructive attempt to slow the advance of global warming,” Wigington reports.

According to the lawsuit, within weeks of being released in early 2021, The Dimming documentary was flagged as “false information” by Facebook because of MacMartin’s sole claims. The suit notes that MacMartin did not present any data corroborating his accusations or refuting the data presented by Wigington, leaving one asking, should any single scientist be able to censor data from the public that they feel is false without providing counter evidence to back their assertion?

What was once a discipline driven by data and discovery, some areas of science are becoming both politicized and personal. Confrontational communications from MacMartin are detailed in the lawsuit, including a 2018 WBAI radio program featuring an on-air debate between MacMartin and Wigington (listen to the full radio broadcast here). “[MacMartin’s] demeanor toward me was very evident during this exchange. Is it even remotely reasonable to consider Dr. Douglas MacMartin as an unbiased fact checker?” asked Wigington.

“It appears that I am the only individual ever targeted by MacMartin on this subject before or since Facebook’s censorship of The Dimming,” Wigington shared with his listeners, “Perhaps it has something to do with the million dollar grant he’s been awarded to study geoengineering?” As part of his work at Cornell and Cal-Tech, MacMartin’s studies include the geoengineering arena and he recently received a one million dollar grant to study sunshine deflection to reduce the impacts of climate change. (See full grant listing here)

MacMartin’s grant is one of many projects in the climate science community purporting to research potential options for offsetting the Earth’s warming climate, but Wigington insists they are not just proposals. “Climate engineering projects have been funded, studied and implemented world-wide for decades. We have documented patents, Federal budgets, high ranking military testimony… so to pretend these programs are in the initial phases of study is simply not backed up by the evidence,” reports Wigington.

When differing conclusions are reached regarding scientific data, shouldn’t the scientific method, and not censorship, be utilized to find clarity and separate fact from fiction? Should one person, regardless of their resume, be able to decide what is credible and worthy of concern for the general public?

With trust in scientists and authorities at an all-time low, and the word “science” being used to silence those whose claims run counter to the prevailing narrative, this lawsuit may have implications and impacts well-beyond its initial judicial sphere.

The full legal complaint has been filed in the Superior court of Shasta County, California. MacMartin and his attorneys have since filed to remove the legal action from Shasta County to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California (in Sacramento), Case No 2:21-cv-02355- KJM-DMC.


A full copy of the initial legal warning sent to Dr. Douglas MacMartin is posted below.

Download PDF


The attached PDF below contains the full 29 page legal proceeding filed against Dr. Douglas MacMartin for triggering Facebook’s censoring of “The Dimming” documentary and all Geoengineering Watch research data.

Download PDF


All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.



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