Lies Kill

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Lies Kill

by Robert Cinque, cinqueterra
Contributing Writer, Truth Comes to Light
May 12, 2020


“You are free to believe whatever you want, but you are not free from the consequences of those beliefs.”   Ayn Rand

(Note: I want everyone to know that my only claim to fame is that I can read and that I am interested in what is true. I am not a Doctor and I have no professional credentials. My ability to read and study and consider the profound work and research of many great people enables me to speak and write with the authority of DISCOVERY. A discovery is not an opinion, invention, idea, or theory. A discovery is an artifact of Nature. Discoveries enable empirical, observable, testable experiments that prove the discovery is authentic. Gravity is a discovery.)

A belief is not a discovery. The Germ Theory is not a discovery.

Louis Pasteur invented the Germ Theory, which postulates that the presence of microbes, viruses, bacteria and fungi in the body cause disease. Sick people are full of microbes; therefore, microbes cause disease.

First of all, the presence of microbes in the body proves exactly nothing. We live in a dynamic and symbiotic relationship with viruses, bacteria and fungi. These organisms enter and exit the cell membrane for precise, micro-detailed reasons. There are an estimated 70 trillion cells in our body, 30 trillion are foreign microbes. The very cellular furnace itself, the mitochondria, where glucose is combusted for energy, is a colony of foreign bacteria.

The presence of viruses in the body does not prove that they cause disease. Correlation does not prove causation. That’s a discovery, too.

50 Firetrucks at a fire do not prove that they caused the fire.

The “fire”, the disease in the cell, is caused by stressors: assaults from fluoride, pesticides, air pollution, 5G electromagnetic poisoning, pharmaceutical drugs, glyphosate, heavy metals and vaccines, fear, doubt, terror, isolation, despair, confusion, powerlessness.

The cell absorbs the toxins and excretes the poisons. The virus and bacteria digest the poisons and the debris clogs the system.

Therefore, disease is caused by toxicity, not germs.

The virus and bacteria show up to put out the fire and eat the garbage.

They are firemen and garbagemen, not arsonists and invaders.

The Lie that we are being told is that the very ones who have come to help us are our enemies.

Their message is: Nature is your enemy. Vaccine is your God.

This is a lie. Our world is absolutely drenched in this lie.

Illness comes from any kind of spiritual, emotional or biological malware downloaded into my Operating System. Malware is a counterfeit, a false belief, a theory masquerading as truth, a menu pretending to be a meal, toxins or injury to my system. When Malware is installed, my Operating System processes it, instead of beautiful and Life Giving Reality Itself.

I get sick. Garbage in, Garbage out.

My cells excrete the poisons that accumulate from Malware into my lymphatic fluid and bloodstream. My immune system surrounds it with white blood cells and virus packed mucous that I sneeze and cough and blow out of my body from every available orifice. This is how the body purifies itself.

The erudite but clueless scholars of medicine, the geniuses in white coats at the NIH, think that my immune system is the problem, that all the sirens and firetrucks and viruses are causing the problem. No, they are solving the problem.

The Doctors say: The viruses are attacking the cells! That’s the problem! Let’s spend zillions of dollars examining these terrifying, infectious agents and inject people with vaccines to save them!

The doctors incorrectly identify the viruses as the problem. The viruses are being excreted because the cell is under stress and is trying to survive. This includes DNA and RNA fragments that are identical to viruses. They are the effect, not the cause.

It’s like a bag of garbage surrounded by flies. Instead of simply taking out the garbage and the flies with it, he focuses on the flies. He spends decades and billions of dollars looking through an electron microscope. He gleefully declares his hope that through relentless, determined research, we may one day be able to offer a cure for GFS (Garbage Fly Syndrome). It’s gonna take a lot of sacrifice and many people will have to die, but we’re all in this together and somehow, we’ll make it through.

Before I continue, I want to say a word about syndromes masquerading as disease. The 367 diseases listed in the Psychiatric Desk Manual for example, syndromes like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) purport to be life threatening diseases that require immediate medication with Ritalin (speed) and Aderol   (chemical lobotomy). The High Priests of False Presumptions mistake fidgety, bored children who can’t pay attention to what the teacher is droning on about, as a “syndrome”, a “disease”. And, they consider a child’s natural resistance to coercion and domination a “disorder”.

These Monsters with Textbooks are lying.

The arrogantly presumptuous, scientifically materialistic, spiritually anemic, emotionally contracted, morally bankrupt, wannabe gods called “Psychiatrists” string together aspects of normal human behavior and call them a disease. They then claim that they are highly qualified to treat these terrible afflictions because they spent years and years in medical universities listening to their professors tell them that syndromes are diseases. Now, they have letters behind their name and diplomas on their wall.

If Lies Kill, then they are guilty of Negligent Homicide. Same with Medical Doctors. They may mean well, but that’s not enough.

It’s also not enough that we are well intended and want to be free of disease.

We have to also stop believing lies.

Who is more responsible for the suffering caused by lies? The Liars? Or the Believers? If the General gives a soldier an illegal or immoral order, who is more responsible for the damage that results? The General or the Soldier?

The Soldier. Why? Because he could have disobeyed the order. He could have stopped the damage from happening. But, he didn’t. He followed orders. He believed the lie.

Professional, well- educated Doctors, people who REALLY should know better, are swatting flies and believing lies.

It’s OK with me if they believe lies.

It’s not OK with me that they spend trillions of tax dollars convincing the rest of us about them, jamming them up our ass, down our throat and into our blood.

And, it’s not OK with me that we tolerate it.

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates (cough, cough) are telling lies about how disease is created.

They confuse cause with effect and we believe them.

This is what must be understood and it is up to every single one of us to understand it, and fast.

The ENTIRE Plannedemic is based on the lie that viruses cause disease and flies cause garbage.

There is no reason to fear a virus if your immune system is functioning properly. It’s like a lock on your front door. If you forget to lock the door and a thief breaks in, you need to call the police, arrest the thief, and remember to lock the door. You don’t put the thief on an operating table and examine him with an electron microscope for decades.

The virus is not the problem. The problem is:

1) the upside- down- and- backwards false paradigm of the germ THEORY.

2)  the Covid19 tests which identify a genetic sequence in a virus or the presence of antibodies in your blood.

3) the doctors who tell you that this means you have a deadly disease and must now be vaccinated or incarcerated.

4) the willingness to believe what we are told by those who purport to know the truth but do not actually know it.

5) the willingness to allow ourselves to be manipulated by the fear of death instead of being responsible for what is true.

Discovery: We have over 30 trillion viruses in our bodies. Obviously, the presence of viruses are not the cause of disease.

You weren’t born in Original Sin either, but that’s another essay.

This is the Gun to our heads: Are we going to serve the lie or the truth? Are we going to be responsible and courageous  adults or are we going to be childish, sniveling cowards?

There is no middle ground. We get to decide.

The fate of our children and our world depend upon our choice.



  • Monica
    May 15, 2020, 5:01 pm

    This is such a good article for understanding what happened. I keep trying to figure out where the deceit is about reality but it seems like there is very little true on the surface. I want to understand more about how all of this happened. Thank you for writing this because it gives me something to share with the people who won’t watch a hour or more video of Dr. Andy Kaufman or the others.

    • robert cinque
      May 15, 2020, 5:24 pm

      The terrible and ugly sub human agenda has surfaced and requires our deepest possible response Those who will not do the work of digging through the garbage to get down to the truth don’t want it badly enough. The painful truth is difficult, confusing and frustrating so they give up and settle for lies. It takes courage, dedication and the willingness to find out what’s true, so keep going.

  • Markfarrar
    May 13, 2020, 9:30 am

    Simply , effectively articulated Mr. C .
    A good one to share with friends and family .