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Lockdown: The Dark Side Of History
The White Coat Experiment of 2020

by Kate Wand, The Very Opinionated Kate Wand Show
November 28, 2020


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The year 2020 has been exemplary for those that believe obedience is a high virtue.

The go-along-to-get along sentiment that began as a seemingly innocent response to an unknown viral enemy in late winter, began to take on a new tone by early spring.

Two weeks to flatten the curve in order to give hospitals a chance to organize for what was projected to be an overwhelming number of patients, turned into something more permanent.

Unprecedented lockdowns, heeded by the urgent warnings and pressure from China, were mimicked first in Italy, and then spread, like a plague, to the rest of the western world.

These draconian measures usurped the global population, as we were told that this was for the greater good, and the only way to end the restrictions was to obey the contradiction; to adhere to them at all costs, without exception.

Men of all ages and occupations, educations and backgrounds were recruited into the experiment.

Men in white coats stepped onto the podium, former strangers who did not bother to introduce themselves, but instead began by telling us to be comforted by their presence.

We assumed they were the experts.

We were soon divided into two groups, the teachers and the learners.

The teachers were given clear instructions by the Whitecoats as to what they needed to do next, but not before they were given a small taste of the punishment that those on the other side would receive. They were introduced to a small dose of pain that would stimulate in them the seed of fear, as to what could happen to them if they were to get it “wrong”.

They dutifully followed the instructions of the Whitecoats, and began to adjust to the strange experiment.

(IMAGES of the new normal, masks, etc)

It was hard to tell the teachers apart from the learners at first, since they had no prior reasons not to get along. But gradually, something began to change.

The teachers, like a good pupil, adhered closely to the words of the Whitecoats, and looked to them reassuringly to keep doing what they were doing. They proudly played their part, conforming to the rules and regulations set by the whitecoats.

They adapted to their new positions as educators to their counterparts, and continued to point out, with ever-increasingly painful punishments, when the learners said the wrong things.

The learners began to protest the injustice and the suffering. They wanted out of the experiment. They knew at this point, that there was nothing normal about it. Things had gone too far.

Some of the teachers wanted out too. They never wanted things to go this far, but they didn’t know how to get out of the situation they were in.

Despite knowing that something didn’t sit quite right with them, they still felt compelled to listen to instruction, and carry on obeying, in hopes that it would soon be over.

They deceived themselves into abdicating responsibility to the ones handing down orders. They lost sight of their individual choices in life, instead mindlessly doing as they were told, becoming complicit in the whole affair.

Becoming more emboldened with their unprecedented new reign of authority, and the consent of the majority, the Whitecoats pushed on harder. They kept the narrative going, imposing harsher conditions on all involved in the experiment, and encouraged the teachers to punish the learners if they continued to get it wrong.

At this point, the atrocious results of this experiment were impossible to ignore.

The learners began to protest more loudly, their suffering having become unbearable. They were fighting for their livelihoods, their freedom, their pulse.

But the louder their cries, the more their counterparts turned a blind eye. At this point, they had given up all responsibility for the outcome of their involvement, becoming completely submissive to authority as their fellow man’s cries became inaudible to them.

With the new normal affirmed by the consent of the majority, the Whitecoats successfully created a cognitive dissonance so strong in the population that they could no longer clearly see the difference between right and wrong. With a distorted sense of reality and loss of ownership over ones own identity, it was now easy to suggest that what was true yesterday, was no longer allowed to be remembered today.

With all of the old systems being replaced by the use of masks, social distancing, the new normal, bubbles, online classrooms, isolation and fear, snitching and social unrest, it would leave this traumatized control group reeling from something they did not sign up for.

What was happening to society? What was wrong with these people? How did things completely and inexorably fall apart in such a short amount of time?

Were the teachers evil? Were the learners deserving to be punished? Was there something wrong with either group? Or were they purposefully manipulated like puppets in order to play out a scenario that they were not psychologically prepared to handle?

The momentum of 2020’s psychological experiment combined with what Carl Jung might have referred to as the collective unconscious shadow of contemporary society, bring to mind a quote by Aleksandr Solzehnitzen, Nobel author of The Gulag Archipelago:

“If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to seperate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being, and who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”

Is it possible that a malevolent authority could exist, not only in the history books, but in the very present times? Is it possible that you might not know what was actually going on, that you might have the wool pulled over your eyes, and that perhaps the trust in higher authority you took for granted might be wielded as a weapon against you?

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