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Logistics… by Rocket

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
October 12, 2020


Here’s a short article that was shared by E.G.(thank you!) that grabbed my attention and immediately set my high octane suspicion motor in overdrive. It’s a story I’ve seen before, and even commented on before, but there’s a new urgency to it:

The US Plans To Deliver Weapons Anywhere On Earth In 1 Hour

The headline of the article pretty much sums it up, and the article is so short that it’s worth citing the whole thing with but a few omissions:

The United States military wants to be able to deliver massive amounts of advanced weaponry and military cargo to any location across the globe in less than one hour.

The Department of Defense announced this week it is teaming up with Elon Musk’s SpaceX in order to develop a rocket capable of traveling 7,500 miles per hour, but which can simultaneously transport 80 tons of cargo.

“Think about moving the equivalent of a C-17 payload anywhere on the globe in less than an hour,” General Stephen Lyons, head of US Transportation Command, said in a virtual defense conference this week. “I can tell you SpaceX is moving very, very rapidly in this area. I’m really excited about the team that’s working with SpaceX.”

This would essentially involve aircraft which is capable of hauling military cargo through orbit, further with hardware the size of tanks aboard.

The example being widely cited is that while currently the fastest large military transport plane would complete a 7,652-mile journey from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to Bagram airbase in Afghanistan in 15 hours, the new SpaceX planned system could be capable of accomplishing it merely one hour.

Meanwhile, Gen. Lyons touted that a “proof of principle” test could be unveiled to the world as soon as next year, though clearly such an ambitious technological innovation is likely decades away from being realized and put into operation.

Should such a technology become operational, it would likely fall under the domain of Trump’s recently establish Space Force, the DoD’s sixth military branch to be established.

OK… color me suspicious at many levels, not the least of which is that as far as I’m aware, this article is the first time that such a concept has been mentioned in connection with “Space Force.  We’ll call the concept “Logistical Operations By STrategic Expeditionary Rocket” (LOBSTER… you know how the military loves its silly acronyms, so in that spirit I offer LOBSTER as a candidate for the acronym-soon-to-be-adopted.)  We’ll get back to that too, because it’s one of those things that has my mind running in high octane speculation overdrive.

But first, ponder what the capability of dropping eighty tons of supplies by rocket anywhere on the surface of this planet means; it means quite simply that the U.S. military is not retreating from its “full spectrum dominance” tack of recent years. Add this type of LOBSTER to the 5G sauce and you get PANIC (Procedural Amplitudes for Nullification of Intelligent Combatants) and APOCALIPSE (Armed Projectiles Of Considerable Annihilation Launched Into Projective Spaces of the Enemy). It implies the capability of launching and dropping not only supplies, but troops anywhere in the world, an insertion capability that rather boggles the mind, and which lends a whole new twist to operational planning and decisions.

If LOBSTER-like capabilities for PANIC and APOCALIPSE are not enough, I rather suspect that there’s something else besides LOBSTERs lurking beneath the surface here. According to the article, we’re being told that the first proof-of-concept tests will be conducted perhaps as early as next year. I rather suspect, however, that we’ve already had those tests, in secret. And it’s anyone’s guess as to how far or successful they may have been, except that the announcement of an upcoming test suggests that they were successful, and thus the upcoming test is not a test per se, but a message. Additionally, the capability implies something else: if one’s “supply lines” are now running through space itself, not rail lines or roads or sea lanes or even air drops, then those supply lines will have to be protected from potential interdiction, and that means once again the weaponization of space. Add mobility to the capability of your LOBSTERs and interdiction of logistical launch facilities and capabilities becomes even more problematic.  The bottom line: I suspect the capability already exists and is further along than the Pentagram is publicly willing to admit.

It’s that mention of Space Force in connection to LOBSTERs, however, that really raised my high octane suspicions. What if this capability is not designed simplyor exclusively for terrestrial use? Recently NASA announced that it was contracting with private firms to “go get some more Moon rocks and bring them back here,” a fact which would imply the ability for precision point insertion, recovery and retrieval, and return. I have to wonder, therefore, if the capability is being (or has been) developed for extra-terrestrial troop insertion and logistical support. If that sounds rather fanciful, to be sure, it is. But we’ve heard hints in recent years that something like this may already exist. Remember Gary McKinnon, the British computer hacker who by his own statements allegedly hacked into US Department of Defense files and supposedly discovered the existence of a “secret space fleet”, complete with ship names and their captains? Perhaps it was a very clever disinformation effort, and I wouldn’t rule it out of the question. But then, during the internet fracas that developed around Mr. McKinnon and US efforts to have him extradited from the UK to stand trial in the USA, people began to point out that President Reagan himself, whose preoccupations with alien threats and his Strategic Defense Initiative are well known, mentioned in his memoirs that the USA had back then a personnel space lift capability of 300 persons, well beyond the limitations of the publicly known space shuttle personnel capability of that time. Again, could it have been deliberate disinformation? Certainly. And  it may also have been the truth, and frankly, I lean towards the latter.

And that brings us to the matter of rockets. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: chemical rockets are a notoriously cumbersome and inefficient way to “go out there” and to sustain permanent human bases on the Moon or elsewhere, and they’re simply not up to the job of “mining asteroids”. So the “public reveal” of a “test” of such rockets for LOBSTER capabilities may indeed be a cover for capabilities of a more exotic kind. Again, that idea seems fanciful, except that the military has already undertaken such studies:


And then there’s the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) plan to have the USA be warp capable in a century and NASA’s own studies in the area being shepherded by Dr. Harold “Sonny” White…

And then there was Mr. Trump’s announcement of the Space Force with the peculiar wording of our need for another such force…

…wait a minute… another Space Force? You mean, we already had one?

See you on the flip side…

cover image credit pixabay 

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