Matt Ehret, With Rogue News: Why is Robert Malone Pushing Anti-China Misinformation?

Matt Ehret With Rogue News: Why is Robert Malone Pushing Anti-China Misinformation?

by Matthew Ehret, Rogue News
January 19, 2023


Dr Robert Malone has stated that anyone calling out controlled opposition is only demonstrating that they themselves are the controlled opposition used willfully or not by intelligence agencies to discredit the resistance. Sounds fine. But what if Dr Malone finds himself promoting (willfully or not) misinformation that will undermine the very resistance he seeks to inform, shape and mobilize? Mobilize to what goals and based on what concepts of the enemy?

In this episode of the Great Game on Rogue News, we unpack some serious fallacies and dubious intelligence connections underlying Dr Malone’s recent foray into global geopolitical analysis with his promotion of an MI6-shaped narrative first released by Sir Richard Dearlove in early 2020 which asserts Covid to have been an intentionally crafted and released bioweapon which killed millions in a war to destroy western civilization rendering humanity enslaved to the new Chinese master class.

Is it false or true? What evidence and what sources does Dr Malone rely upon to advance his thesis?


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