Mike Stone With Patrick Timpone: Monkeypox is Monkey Business

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Mike Stone With Patrick Timpone: Monkeypox is Monkey Business


Getting the Monkey(pox) Off the Back With Patrick Timpone

by Mike Stone, ViroLIEgy
August 12, 2022


A few days ago, I had the honor of being a guest on the Patrick Timpone show for the third time. As usual, the conversation was entertaining, even beyond the fact that I unknowingly wore the exact same shirt as when I was on the show a few months ago. We covered many topics in our hour long chat which was nicely listed in order on Patrick’s site:

How Can Monkey Pox Exist If the Germ Theory Is False?

Mike did video with Dr. Cowan about monkeypox.  It’s on ViroLIEgy.com.  Many articles there.

Monkeypox is more of the same.  Nonspecific symptoms, unusual presentations, usually in genital areas, a targeted victim group, victims pegged with a faulty PCR test while presenting for other symptoms.

Monkeypox confused with herpes.  Friction, sweat, stress, anxiety, immune-suppressing drugs will cause the lesions.  Thin skin, lack of collagen related to herpes.

Had a drill before monkeypox outbreak similar to Event 201.

Initial victims had no travel or contact with anyone from the monkeypox endemic areas such as Africa.

Dr. Luc Montagnier said they never purified a virus.

AZT causes same symptoms as HIV/AIDs.  Very toxic.  Was a failed chemo drug in the 70s.

Contagion is a myth.  Studies trying to transmit 1918 Flu couldn’t.  Measles parties shown not to transmit measles to all exposed.

Epidemiological studies are subjective and often biased.  Need to look at patient’s environment.

Bioresonance possibly explains “catching” a virus.

Virologists believe it.  They don’t question because they have a lot invested in their education and position.  We’re taught not to look at outside factors or to question the establishment.

Look at the information for yourself.  They’re going to keep playing the same trick over and over again.

Culturing by putting in lots of other toxic substances that break down the cells, then isolating and saying it’s a virus.

7 main “coronavirus” now, and they all look the same.  In a study, spikes created by a procedure that eroded the cell membrane.  Can’t see a “live virus” in an electron microscope, it must be killed first.  Which alters it and creates artifacts.

Can bioweapons be created?  99% of people survived COVID – it was a poor bioweapon.  The real bioweapon is the jab.  All they needed was the fear to induce people to get it.  They can poison us though, and they are.

Gain of function – another fiction.

Shedding from the jab – another fear campaign.

Are viruses racist and homophobic?  Those are identified as the target groups.

See the No Virus Challenge on viroliegy.com.  Also see Debunking the Nonsense.

You can watch our discussion here:


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