My Approach to Opening Those Feared Yet Needed “Pandemic” Conversations

My Approach to Opening Those Feared Yet Needed “Pandemic” Conversations

by Sharon JamesContributing Writer at Truth Comes to Light
May 21, 2021


My farmer husband and his brother needed some repair parts at the local implement dealer this week. The parts man turned to these two prominent respected maskless farmer brothers and said, “I have a personal question for you two. Did you take the shots?” The brother farmer said a quiet, “Yes.”. He has clearly not been excited about that event; he’d even told us months ago he was not taking the shots – possible family pressure may have preceded his change of plans.

The parts man turned to my husband and asked, “What about you?” to which he replied, “No.” The next question to him was, “Will you ever?” to which he replied, “Probably not.” – which in my husband’s language means no, but I’m not wanting to hurt anyone so I will state my answer as inoffensively as possible. The parts man indicated that he really didn’t want to take them; he feels something is just not quite right about what is going on around all of this.

When my husband relayed this account to me I told him that clearly the parts man was both courageous and in need of specific answers to bolster this courage. Don’t we all! We are both afraid to ask and afraid to answer. Name calling on social media and elsewhere is at an all-time high – I guess we’ve learned nothing from all the anti-bullying campaigns.

There is so much I’d like to discuss openly with my friends and family. I’m not out and about much like farmers running errands in the community so I’ve tried to “go there” in social media. But, in my attempts, I’ve been warned and had posts throttled by the powers that be.

Every day I open my email and go through the prominent news stories. I open the tabs of the articles and videos that I want to fully address. One morning this week I had a number of tabs open and thought how much I would like to share these freely on social media. But…that will simply not work these days.

So I decided to place a post in an attempt to open some private dialogue on the topics of these past many months.

It went something like this and it included this poster:

There is so much I would like to share and discuss with you. I have been on both sides of the fences we find ourselves behind these days. If you are open to discussing your thoughts and experiences of this past 15 months send me a message or an email.

I don’t like fences between myself and those I care for. Many of us had differing views on many topics back in 2019 – but we were friends none-the-less. We never called each other the names I’ve seen both sides call one another lately.

I am opening my arms wide here – making myself vulnerable in very tenuous times. Are you willing to take the risk with me? I love each one of you, no matter where you stand!

About wide open arms – I nearly hugged a total stranger in the store recently. A very tall broad woman caught my eye and I smiled with my unmasked face. As I was moving on she leaned toward me and with an exaggerated blinking of her eyes above her disposable mask and said – I want you to know that I’m smiling under here! I told her I could see it in her eyes and I knew! And we laughed! What I wouldn’t give to sit down and visit with her and her endearing cheerfulness.

After posting I avoided checking for replies or reactions. I was a little nervous. What kind of confrontation might I face? Did I have the energy or fortitude to handle a disgruntled or hurting friend?

I had no cause for worry. Twenty-five positive reactions and a dozen or so comments in the first 12 or so hours told me that I had a small army of support for the potential conversations to come. One friend even said she had my back.

If given the opportunity – I will handle the conversations with care and prayers for wisdom. I will begin with questions. No accusing. I will share with openness. How did I get to where I am from somewhere out there? As we share, our stories will speak for themselves. We will discover where our common ground is. The proverbial seeds of shared thoughts will be planted with potential for growth.

But this will not and cannot be a time to agree to disagree and simply move on. I have invested many hours in what has definitely become a battle for accurate information. Where it can be had, it will be shared. What the willing listeners choose to do with it will be their responsibility as it was mine.

I stood on the other side of the fence for most of 2020. I watched television news and read similar posts in social media to the point of nausea – but I believed it and acted on it. Unbeknownst to me, two close friends were praying for me to “get it”.

I was “following the science” but discovered that consensus is not science. When I told them of my paradigm shift they were both nearly giddy — so excited to have someone with whom to speak freely and safely. Someone they trusted, loved and thought highly of had heard and listened and acted.

My brother was next, the one who had sent me some of the controversial and often banned videos to review. I told him I now understood he was not asking for reviews. He was asking me to consider coming through the gate to the other side of the fence. His comment, “Welcome to the rabbit hole, sister! Know that many of the holes will run very deep and very dark. Take breathers when you need them. But keep digging and keep praying!”

As questions like these are explored together further with those who are willing, I will use opportunities to share some of those mined for gems and jewels of truth.

We can choose from questions like these. Each one is weighty so we will go slowly – at a pace we can both deal with, picking and choosing the topics we are both ready for.

What are your overall thoughts regarding the pandemic?

Is it simply a “PCR Pandemic”? What of the testing, the masks and the six feet?

Did you experience “covid” personally or in your household?

Do you know someone who went to the hospital or died of “covid”? What if we explored what may really be making us ill?

What are your favorite news sources? Have those changed?

Now for the million dollar question – what do you think about the vaccines — whether you took them or not? What is your take on them? What of the data cover ups?

Now that you’ve come with me down mud filled rabbit holes and possibly taken me down some you have discovered, please share your personal experiences and thoughts and how they’ve changed you? How has this all made you feel? How have you dealt with those emotions? Have you had support?

I do not want to argue in these conversations. I want to pose questions in as gentle way as possible – but there will be a passion that has grown with the truth discovered. The topics bring feelings that are tender and run deeply for all of us. It may be a difficult thing – but worth the risks.

Some have lost loved ones to “covid”. Some have lost loved ones or themselves to fear, depression and anxiety. Some have lost jobs or family businesses. Friendships have ended. Family feuds have begun or heightened. Perfectly planned weddings have been stolen. Some have taken experimental medications like the mRNA injections and have regrets or anxious wonderings.

I’m not firing a gun or shooting arrows. I’m opening my arms wide. We need one another’s arms wrapped around us more than ever before.

We need connection – even virtual. There is a uniqueness to social media, particularly Facebook for me. Even with its challenges it has been a place of connecting with friends, both old and new for over ten years. In the past few months and especially in the past couple of weeks I have both reached out and been pursued by many – some are total strangers – struggling to find both truth and support.

Most of these people I have never met and only got acquainted with during 2020 to the present. We shared common health group ties or met in new groups seeking truth during these times of propaganda and lies.

Mothers of adult children who have taken the shots have asked for prayers. Friends whose husbands have taken one shot have reached out for information to convince them not to take the next one. Canadian and British friends have asked for supporting information to wake their friends before their countries crash and burn.

Friends I’ve never met have reached out to me to invite me deeper into the rabbit hole and to help me to breathe when I go there — that I might continue to see this for what it has been and what it is becoming. They’ve given me the strength and courage to write, to take off my mask, to stand firm in the face of dying freedoms.

Vulnerable sharing will be required as we struggle together for truth and how it applies to our actions going forward. Best case is that questions that dig little holes in the paradigms of friends and family, as they did mine, will become mine shafts with gems and jewels at the end. New paths will be walked in the lives of family and friends. Conversations, while scary at first, may lead to peace and hope even in the midst of this “pandemic” sadness.

If you have been encouraged to experiment with these risky conversations, let me know how they go – I’ll do the same. You can reach me at:

References you may find helpful:

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Some of my favorite alternative news media resources:

Truth Comes to Light, Technocracy News Daily, GreenMedInfo, John Rappoport, Corey’s Digs, The Freedom Articles, The World View, LifeSiteNews

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Sharon James — along with her husband, children & visiting grandchildren — has lived and worked for nearly 35 years on a century farm in Iowa.

She is an avid researcher and life-long learner with a degree in education and strong interest in natural healing. Her now-adult children were all home schooled.

Sharon James is a contributing writer at Truth Comes to Light.


Sharon welcomes your comments or questions. Her email address is: