My Rooster Earl Is More of an Expert Than Dr. Fauci

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My Rooster Earl Is More of an Expert Than Dr. Fauci

by Dr. Pam Shervanick, America’s Frontline Doctors
March 26, 2021


I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. When we first started raising hens, they would not last long. Foxes would hunt them, and owls would swoop down and steal them. My hens were scared. Then we got our rooster, Earl. Earl is not a nice creature; he bosses the hens around and occasionally tries to attack me. I bring a boat oar to the henhouse for personal protection. But he keeps the predators away, so the hens put up with him because they are no longer afraid. I have not lost a hen since Earl arrived on the scene.

Why all this talk about Earl the ornery rooster? By observing animal behavior, I have clarity and understanding of the root cause of the current global mass psychosis. Our problem is fear, not Covid-19.

Psychosis is defined as impaired contact with reality.  Educated, rational people have stopped using critical thinking. Acting out of fear, many blindly cling to the words of a government bureaucrat. Dr. Fauci has been wrong more times than he has been right. Under the misleading guise of “following the science,” we comply with his whims, like my hens comply with Earl’s temper. He crows the loudest — Dr. Fauci, not Earl — and is very authoritative. He makes us feel protected and authority makes us feel safe, or does it? When does authoritative behavior become authoritarian rule?

We are collectively facing a ‘complex trauma’, that is a state of prolonged exposure to multiple and interrelated traumas that override our initial fight or flight mechanism. A prolonged state of fear triggers a response known as ‘fawning’.  Fawning behaviors are people-pleasing. Merging the wishes, needs and demands of others, we look to reduce conflict to achieve safety. When a person enters this state, they are under the control of their reptilian brain where lies our primitive drives. Obvious empirical evidence fails to be computed accurately and it becomes impossible to make a balanced decision.

Freedom cannot survive in an obedient, chronically fearful, and delusional society. This is an open invitation for government overreach. We must face our fear and seek truth. We cannot follow instructions out of fear without consideration. Act out of love for yourself, your family, and humankind.  People are not dangerous vectors of disease but lies are. It’s time to take control back. In this series of articles, I will discuss how to control our fear responses so we can remain grounded.

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