Navigating the Maelstrom and Dead Reckoning

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by Zen Gardner
November 2014


“In navigation, dead reckoning (also ded (for deduced) reckoning or DR) is the process of calculating one’s current position by using a previously determined position, or fix, and advancing that position based upon known or estimated speeds over elapsed time and course.”

We all knew this storm was coming but being inside of it is a whole different experience. It feels like things are coming at you as your spirit gets buffeted by unseen influences. A lot of this has to do with the angst and fear being ginned up by the media and the collective response. Images of alien like hazmat suits and panic mode announcements by politicians while draconian measures roll out, confusing news reports, and a whole lot of fear and uncertainty appear on our screens, causing personal insecurities to arise in our hearts.

We may be aware of what’s going on and see the game plan, but most don’t, and are tuning into this fear and worry vibe. And it affects everyone. It runs through not just the emotions and actions of those around us but also through the etheric and we can all sense it. This is again why detachment and staying out of the low level emotion mode is so important.

We can observe this strangeness passing through but not let it throw us.

In times of storm at sea when a ship captain gets disoriented due to getting blown off course or is without the aid of celestial navigation, they have to recalibrate their position. And sometimes the only way to do that is by dead reckoning, determining where you are based on where you came from and your estimated speed and direction from your previous course.

It’s not the perfect analogy but illustrates the point. In navigating these storms of life the adage comes to mind, “Never doubt in the dark what you knew in the light.”


Draw Close to Loved Ones and Nature

This engineered confluence of insanity is creating quite the maelstrom and it’s a big one. Many are being buffeted by it and need comfort and reassurance. They may not understand its origins like we awakened do and realize this is almost entirely fabricated, but just your steadiness and detachment as you share love and a calm trusting attitude speaks volumes and steadies the heart.

It’s also an opportunity to spend more time with nature. Unfluttered, unhassled and fearless, creation is a wonderful teacher and an ever present friend. Even though she lets her power be known in amazing and powerful ways, we can be assured all is well in the natural cycle of life. And when she blows her top periodically, this may be frightening to some, but it is simply of a demonstration of nature’s magnificence as she reclaims and recycles in a way humanity could never conceive.

This innate understanding is clearly known by the spiritually grounded but escapes those living in engineered environments. Another reason not to subject ourselves to the false propaganda and living conditions so many have been herded into.  These self-reinforcing unnatural containment systems are anathema to truth and awareness, and even though many are overcoming them, it’s an ongoing battle that needlessly drains their energy.

There are other options for living a more natural life.


The Battle Is On

The seriousness of our current condition cannot be minimalized. We live in very challenging times, but again the answer is always simple. Disengage, detach and detox, to whatever degree possible. Our very lives and those we love depend on it. Keeping our peaceful yet awakened sanity while the world goes berserk is our greatest testament. What we share with others of course is our life’s blood and that of all those willing to listen. But our fundamental lifestyle must be firmly grounded in truth, and thus prepared for anything.

It’s a fight. No question. We’re all struggling in these tides of change of every sort. If we haven’t learned to navigate our lives by now we’re certifiably asleep with the rest of them and getting swallowed by the great vortex to nowhere.

But this is not our fate. The beauty of awakening is that even the slightest paddle against the tide of wickedness is met with amazing empowerment, and one stroke leads to another. There’s a source of strength and encouragement beyond most people’s imagination awaiting anyone who dares to buck the tide.

The trigger is our will. A simple decision. An effort. An awakening of spirit to the call for action.

Take it. You are what you have been waiting for. Simply do it, and be it.

It’s not complicated at all.

Much love,