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by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
June 23, 2020


Now here’s one that went right to the top of my high octane suspicion list, if for no other reason than that I seldom believe the public narratives put out there for bizarre scientific projects. In this case, the narrative strikes me as a case of being :in search of an explanation that will sound plausible,” when the real reasons might be very different. Again, that’s for the reader to decide, but I’ll offer my own high octane speculation in a moment.

The story – courtesy B.H. –  concerns scientists who have cultured small brain cells from Neanderthal DNA:

Scientists have grown mini brains containing Neanderthal DNA

As I indicated, what’s interesting to me about this story is the explanation being offered for why scientists are culturing “mini-brains” made with Neanderthal DNA:

The evidence that early humans interbred with Neanderthals emerged in 2010 after scientists led by geneticist Svante Pääbo pioneered methods to extract, sequence and analyze ancient DNA from Neanderthal bones and mapped their genome in detail.

Now, a team of European researchers has taken that science to the next level, growing blobs of brain tissue from human stem cells that contain Neanderthal DNA and proteins, with the hope they will shed more light on how Neanderthals relate to modern humans.

Camp was keen to stress that these were not “lab-grown Neanderthal brains.”

“These are human cells, they’re not Neanderthal cells but human cells that have Neanderthal DNA naturally inside them,” Camp said.

“This is totally different to Jurassic Park. It’s more about studying the mechanism than try to recreate something (that no longer exists.) ”

Neurons in lab-grown brain organoids, sometimes called mini brains, have been shown to make connections and generate some electrical activity — but they don’t yet come anywhere close to a real adult human brain.

In the future, other body-part tissues could be cultured and studied in this way to see how Neanderthal traits might have shaped our own, Camp said.

For example, Neanderthal genes in the stem cells that have links with hair and skin color could be used to explore these traits, given that it’s already possible to generate skin organoids that have sprouted hair.

Similarly, it could potentially be used to create intestine organoids to look at how sets of enzymes process food, giving information on Neanderthal diet. (Emphasis added)

So there you have it. They’re not really growing Neanderthal brains, and only little “mini brains” with part Neanderthal DNA, and they’re only doing so “to see how Neanderthal traits might have shaped our own.” It’s all just an innocent experiment in empirical evolution.

It’s “pure” science. A pursuit of knowledge. Nothing more.

OK, color me “entirely skeptical”  for the simple reason that “pure science” seems to be running amok, doing whatever it imagines to do without any restraint (paraphrase of certain biblical stories entirely intentional). In other words, the “pure science” might not be so “pure.” Consider only the implications of such studies for mind manipulation and social engineering technologies. But there’s something else that occurs to my “high octane speculation” thinking…

Yesterday I blogged about a strange story from Burundi’s president suddenly and unexpectedly dying after his country banished the W.H.O. from its territory. In the process, I also mentioned a recent interview given by Robert Kennedy Jr with Dr. Deisher, who pointed out the large number of “vaccines” with human fetal tissue in them.

I have to wonder, if they’re willing to do that, and willing to load “vaccines” with nano-particles, why not load them with a bunch of Neanderthal (and other) DNA, just to see “what happens next”?

See you on the flip side…