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Neil Young and Joni Mitchell: Mental Midgets

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News
January 31, 2022


COVID psychosis is a state of mind in which sufferers believe what doctors are telling them.

And what doctors are telling them justifies all the restrictions and mandates—and the need to censor and cancel those who ignore and disagree with the doctors.

Official doctors promoted by the government and major media are doing the gross forms of hypnosis; and lesser doctors are working the same street with modifications of the official messages.

Official doctors: “Vaccinate everybody. Give them as many boosters as necessary.”

Lesser doctors: “We shouldn’t vaccinate children. And no more than three booster for anyone.”

Mental midgets Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are pulling their music from Spotify, because Joe Rogan, whose Spotify podcast draws in 11 million people, criticizes the party line on COVID.

Free speech no longer means anything to Young and Mitchell. They’re tuned in nice and tight to the official doctors.

These two goofs have bought the whole enchilada.

And it’s a chance to stand out front and wave flags and urge their troops forward.

They’re actually urging the government forward. They’re on the side of big government and big corporations and especially drug companies and elite foundations and all sorts of petty little would-be fascists who want their day in the sun.

They’re civilian Fauci’s.

Celebs for repression.

One aspect of medical hypnosis is the phrase: THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT. As in: My God, it’s a pandemic, all bets are off.

Young and Mitchell actually believe all the horseshit being shoveled into their brains about the virus and the spread and the testing and the contact tracing and the quarantining and the lockdowns and the “safe and effective” vaccine—which add up to the absolute need for a State of Emergency and the need to wipe out anyone who doesn’t believe there is an emergency.

Because their basic educations were so thin to begin with, the Young-Mitchell duo have never been able to THINK about the fact that free speech is NEVER overridden, no matter what the current crisis might be. They never got that lesson in school. They’re idiots.

And as far as “the science” is concerned, they’re so dumb and incurious, they can’t even recognize the possibility that unofficial scientific FACTS might contradict official lies.

The two of them are regular dyed-in-the-wool knee-jerk liberals, acting as operatives for big government, because liberals (who’ve turned into weirdly shaped “radicals”) have taken over the machinery of the government. They own it. So whatever it wants, these two jokers want.

If back in the old days, Young and Mitchell whined and yakked and sang about freedom, that’s gone. That’s off the table. That was always a pretense. They don’t know what freedom is. They’re cherry-pickers. They take what they want from freedom and throw the rest in the garbage.

They can’t take the heat of competition and debate and strong opinion, so they just insist on canceling it. They’re chicken-shits.

No guts, no glory.

If they had a few active brain cells to rub together, they’d say, “We disagree with everything Joe Rogan says about COVID. We think he’s dead wrong. But because of a little thing called the First Amendment, the idea of censoring him or removing him from Spotify is grotesque…”

They can’t do it. They don’t have what it takes.

I wouldn’t pay a nickel to listen to their music on any platform. I wouldn’t listen to it if they paid me.


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cover image credit: CDD20 / pixabay

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