New Age Mind Traps and the Labeling of our Children

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by Kathleen Stilwell
November 22, 2016


“They give us their mind.” We all know this one by now. Don Juan is speaking to Carlos Castaneda in ‘The Active Side of Infinity’ about the predators.

This seems to be one of those gifts that just keeps on giving. It appears to be an ongoing missionary program to direct the minds of a species that seems to be stumbling around in a state of severe PTSD.

It occurred to me yesterday, when I saw an article posted in an ascension-type blog about the difference between rainbow, crystal and indigo children, that we are really, really hard-wired into this boxing and labeling mindset. When are we going to stop doing this to ourselves and to one another?

All of these new labels supposedly represent a new paradigm. But labeling, corralling, boxing, limiting, holding in place, fixing, imprisoning (I could go on) are their thing — the predators’ thing.

This insistence on classifying one another is part of their mind game, enticing us to make all sorts of stuff up and to impose it upon others. When it comes to messing with our children, it really pisses me off. It’s one thing if we want to make up labels for ourselves, but, how dare we do this to the innocent. These new-age experts are handing out labels right and left. Our children are (in descending order of importance to the world) rainbow, crystal, indigo, or just ordinary kids with no real spiritual significance. There are likely sub-categories, but I can’t get myself to explore the idea.

It seems to me that, if some sort of reptilian/archonic/bloated-floating-fishy predator didn’t give us its mind, then it must have been beings with heads shaped like pyramids. (And maybe even feet shaped like pyramids if you look at the shape of some shoes people try to cram their tootsies into.)

We are obsessed with labeling one another and either stacking ourselves on top of others or stacking others on top of us. We bind and label, divide and sort, classify, deify, and belittle. We carry the matrix-builders’ mind with us.  We fantasize living without this creepy mind virus and then, without giving our programming a second thought, set out to build a whole new world filled with free energy devices, free hugs, and creative living.  We need to get vigilant about examining ourselves for signs of AI (alien intelligence or artificial intelligence, take your pick) control. We need to look at the qualities of the predator mind and ask ourselves if this is who we choose to be.

It’s almost impossible to believe that people actually still look for, or seek to be, chosen ones. Do we not see the system that our controllers have imposed upon us — how it divides us, judges us, exalts us and punishes us? Yet we recreate this hierarchical, pyramid blueprint over and over again in new systems of all kinds, be they spiritual or governing.

Spiritual maturity does not come without investigating the AI which has taken over our mind. If it looks like a control system, it is. If it is shaped like a pyramid, it is. If there is someone lording over you, as a god or as a savior, then it’s Alien and Artificial Intelligence. If you are seeking to be led, then you are asking to be taken over. If you want to be seduced…same freaking thing.

If you package (even if you think it’s a pretty box) your children, friends, family, lovers, etc. then you are assisting the controllers by following the mind pattern they’ve imposed upon you.

We divine humans are fluid beings. Our physical bodies are composed mostly of water. We flow with cosmic energies in absolutely magical ways.

Being as cool as we are, we change all the time. We all have moments of brilliance and moments of frustrating blindness. We are multi-dimensional. We shift. We grow. We get excited over new insights and ideas. We soar with inspiration and grieve deeply at the horrendous evil all around us. And we can hold both emotions at the same time. We are that flexible. We remember the Love that we came from, although sometimes the memory is quite faint.

The predators are not any of these things. They don’t have hearts like ours, they don’t have bodies like ours, they don’t have expansive minds like ours.

The parasites don’t see what we see. They symbolize themselves as having one all-seeing eye. But they are nothing but cycloptic parasites. And the joke is on them. One eye does not see all. They have no idea who we really are.

We, on the other hand, have as many eyes as we need to free our minds and to free our worlds because we have imagination.

If we are dedicated to freeing our world, we must let our children be the brilliant, surprising beings that they are here to be. Because one of them paints like Rembrandt at three years old, or talks like an 80-year-old sage when they haven’t learned to walk, or heals all the sick puppies in the neighborhood with a simple touch, or walks on water, we must resist boxing them into that role or positioning them above the other child who is simply throwing mud against the wall. Each will have moments of genius and moments of sluggishness. Guaranteed. Just like you and me.

If our children amaze us with their out-of-this-world perspectives, let’s not call them into archonic ego by giving them labels.  If we stay out of their way, their beautiful visions will expand, they will share with other children, and they will expand the heart and soul of this entire world. Our job is to keep them free of the controllers (including the aspects of ourselves that slip into that role). We must keep them free of wanna-be dictators, governors, order followers, label makers, and place holders.

This is a huge challenge for all of us on all levels of being. We must free ourselves from AI programming if we are to really create our new world.

Our new world is not going to create itself. The truth is beckoning us to set ourselves free and step up our game. We are the ones that this vision is waiting for. If we get out of the way, our children — even the muddy, clueless ones — will be right there with us, as we individually and collectively blow the predators out of own minds.

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