Newtown, CT Resident: Questioning the Sandy Hook Narrative — Mind-Boggling “Coincidences” Connect Mafia-Like Ties Within Key Town Positions

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Newtown, CT Resident: Questioning the Sandy Hook Narrative — Mind-Boggling “Coincidences” Connect Mafia-Like Ties Within Key Town Positions


Rebecca Carnes, Sandy Hook: Crime Family Structure Key to Control. Right, Sandy Hook Fire Department?

by Rebecca Carnes
sourced from James Fetzer
July 12, 2020


[ editor’s note: For those who want more background about the Sandy Hook event, watch “Sandy Hook Update: Tracy loses, Wolfgang wins. The Deep State Strikes Back!”, where you can see much of the evidence for yourself, including how Shannon Hicks took staged photos of a mock evacuation of children from the school. This may be the most important article ever published on the Sandy Hook hoax.]


Among the Everest-like mountain of unbelievable “facts” and assorted discrepancies that make up the official Sandy Hook story delivered to Newtown residents and the American public, are the many mind-boggling and statistical-shattering “coincidences” that connect family members in key town positions. First up on our list for consideration: The Sandy Hook Fire Department.

Most anyone outside of Newtown (and maybe even those in Newtown who haven’t lived here long enough to know the names of certain town leaders and their well-placed family members) – probably wouldn’t piece together the mafia-like family ties and otherwise of those in Newtown’s power positions during and after the Sandy Hook event. But these local relationships between town, police, fire, church, newspaper, real estate, school and court – are incredibly revealing when taking a good, close-up look at what was delivered as the official Sandy Hook story according to the distorted lens of the controlled media and especially according to the Connecticut State Police (CSP) report on Sandy Hook issued in 2013 by Danbury District Attorney and Newtown resident (coincidence #1) Stephen J. Sedensky III.

For starters, let’s take a look at the Sandy Hook Fire Department who was so hyper-connected to the Sandy Hook terror production they could have hosted it and served refreshments at their fire station (oh yeah, they pretty much did). And let’s not neglect to examine the key divorces, marriages and family relations between Sandy Hook firefighters and important power players in our town leadership, the likes of which make the intermingling and intrigue of a 1980s soap opera look mild.

Horrified citizens of this country who watched the orchestrated terror descend on Newtown that fateful Dec. 14, 2012 morning, likely didn’t bat an eyelash when the media reported that Sandy Hook Elementary School secretary Barbara Halstead was one of the first “victims” to call 911 that morning. That’s because your average citizen (and maybe even your average Newtown resident) might not have known that among the first five emergency responders that morning, two were directly related to Barbara and all were firefighters from the Sandy Hook fire station located at the bottom of the Sandy Hook Elementary School’s driveway. The first to arrive on scene was Barbara Halstead’s former husband and long-time Sandy Hook Fire Chief William “Bill’ Halstead Sr. (coincidence #2), along with Barbara’s Sandy Hook firefighter daughter Karin Halstead who just happened to also be Captain of Newtown’s EMS (Emergency Management Services) department in charge of overseeing emergency communications that morning (coincidence #3).

Also in tow as among the first five responders, was former Sandy Hook Fire Captain John Jeltema who was Karin Halstead’s boyfriend at the time and now her husband. As head of Newtown’s Emergency Management on 12/14, Karin Halstead was therefore in charge of overseeing the 911 system and EMTs – and was likely one of the first to hear her mother Barbara’s 911 call from the Sandy Hook school office (coincidence #4).

At 9:46 a.m. that morning, Karin Halstead is also the one who absurdly and shockingly told the first two ambulances and paramedics responding to the emergency 911 call to NOT drive up the school driveway but rather park and wait in the rear lot of the Sandy Hook fire station. Karin Halstead’s husband is Sandy Hook firefighter and former Sandy Hook Fire Captain John Jeltema who is also brother to Connecticut State Trooper Christine Jeltema (coincidence #5) who we just saw give a press conference in May regarding the apparent mental breakdown and killing rampage reportedly perpetrated by Peter Manfredonia. Peter being the Sandy Hook native and UConn student who just happened to grow up on the same Yogananda Street as Adam Lanza (coincidence #6) and whose uncle Chris Manfredonia lived directly behind the Lanza house (coincidence #7) and … (try and swallow all of these “coincidences” without choking, please) .. arrived at the Sandy Hook school at 9:30 a.m. at about the same time as Adam Lanza (coincidence #8).

Chris Manfredonia was reported as saying he got to the school 15 minutes early with plans to attend a scheduled 9:45 a.m. gingerbread house-making activity with is first-grade daughter in Kaitlin Roig’s class. According to news reports in the L.A. Times and elsewhere, Manfredonia reportedly said he heard popping sounds, smelled sulfur and then ran around the outside of the school to try and get to his daughter when he was stopped and handcuffed by police. Chris Manfredonia and an armed, off-duty tactical SWAT officer who just happened to be near the school that morning and was running through the woods away from Sandy Hook Elementary School were both detained by police (as were three other men who are seen in aerial footage fleeing the school grounds). A troublesome entry on the official Sandy Hook Timeline (Page 1, A 84, Appendix) of the Connecticut State Police (CSP) report, states that a “parent” arrived at SHES at 9:30 a.m. for a gingerbread house project and was “buzzed into” the school at the main doors after which he reports hearing gunfire of about 15 shots.

Here’s the excerpt from Page 1 of the CSP Timeline:

09:30:00 Parent arrives at SHES for the gingerbread house event and has to be buzzed into SHES. At around 9:34, hears gunfire, reports approx 15 shots.

So the official narrative of the Connecticut State Police and Stephen Sedensky’s district attorney’s office puts Chris Manfredonia INSIDE Sandy Hook Elementary School at 9:30 a.m. at about the same time Adam Lanza reportedly shoots the glass out to the right side of the main entrance doors and begins shooting the teachers and kids. Why would the press report that Chris Manfredonia was running around the outside of the school trying to reach his daughter somehow and then was stopped by police? Who gave them this information? How could there be such a significant discrepancy in the CSP report and what was told to the public? How come nobody in the press ever interviewed Chris Manfredonia to clear up this matter? How come the Newtown police quickly cleared and released Chris Manfredonia that morning, especially if he was IN THE SCHOOL when the shots were reportedly being fired, as the official CSP report attests?

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