Nikola Tesla & the Fake Climate Change ‘Choice’

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Source:  David Icke


Nikola Tesla & The Fake Climate Change ‘Choice’ 


“…it was Tesla who understood that you could tap into the electromagnetic, electrical reality, beyond the world of the seen, and turn it into usable warmth and power…”

“…But the big thing, which leads us into so much that Tesla showed was possible, showed would work, is what we call free energy technology. And in many ways this was his downfall, because the last thing that the system wants is free energy for everybody…And free in terms of once you have the technology in place, you can tap into it at no cost. Now, of course, this is the worst nightmare of the system because it gives the opportunity to have power for nothing, which means you have to serve the system less to earn the money to pay for the power. “

“…So here’s the question then, why, if it’s so desperate for us to stop using fossil fuels — so it’s claimed — why is the technology of Tesla, to give us all the usable power and warmth we need from the atmosphere around us, why is that being suppressed by the very same forces that are pushing the climate change hoax?…”