Ole Dammegard Warns of Possible False Flag, Fake Terror Event in Europe Within Next 24 Hours

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“So I think we have a possibility here to, instead of being one step behind, here we have 24 hours to get the information out there — saying we see you, we know what you’re up to.  So I’m so grateful Chris that  you were so fast to react because I’m pumping this out internationally to as many as I can. 

So if we can go live with this, and everyone that sees this please just share it, share it, share it. 

So maybe nothing is gonna happen.  I will look like an absolute idiot.  I have no problem with that at all because if it doesn’t go down at least no one gets hurt, and maybe we stopped it. 

And should it go down then this is bulletproof proof that this is an inside job, it has nothing to do with terrorism, and it’s just one of so many there to try to put us into slavery — to the old Roman template: problem, reaction, solution. 

You know they create the problem to get reaction from us:  ‘Oh my god we need more protection’.  We turn to the ones we think are there to protect us, not understanding that it’s them who have done it, and saying ‘Please, please help us.’  And then they will put .. a steel cage around us… So this is a fantastic opportunity…

Please, please share this and get it out there so that we see them. 

And also people that are on location, because they will I’m sure there will be drills in the cities of London, Barcelona, Paris,  Rotterdam and Manchester and also … in Sweden — it’s up in the north of Sweden where this nuclear power plant is — that people that are there and see drills or suspicious activity please film it and make it very obvious to the people that are there doing it that they are being observed..”

Ole Dammegard


MCFILES SPECIAL REPORT – Ole Dammagard From Sweden – 9-11 PLOT Over Europe Exposed

by The McFiles Network With Host Christopher McDonald
October 21, 2019