On Filing a Public Complaint & Declaring Non-Compliance: A Letter to the Editor From Robert Cinque

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On Filing a Public Complaint & Declaring Non-Compliance: A Letter to the Editor From Robert Cinque


[Editor’s Note: Robert Cinque sent a letter to me, sharing his vision of inspiring others to contact government representatives with letters of complaint about the unfolding medical tyranny. He wrote a letter to his state’s attorney general. Below are excerpts with key points from his letter, followed by a copy of his filed complaint which can be used as an example for others to use in their jurisdictions. — Kathleen]


Excerpts from a Letter to Truth Comes to Light Editor
by Robert Cinque
May 30, 2020


“I want to see 300 million Americans issue personal complaints filed with the County, State and Federal jurisdictions against forced testing, tracing and treatment. This costs the Sacred Patriot nothing and goes into the Public Record like sandbags piled up to contain a flood. The next step will be to convene a Grand Jury.

This must be done before they roll out their next devastating wave: Bills “part 2”, the Terrorist Bioweapon attack.

Truly, this is a spiritual battle between the Purity and Perfection of Nature and the blood sucking satanic parasites who torture her and defile her sacred blood.”


“It can be achieved by the willingness to trust Life in all its Genius and ignore the extortionists and rapists who suck its blood and sell it to the rest of us, at exorbitant prices

The covid 19 Medical fraud is our opportunity to strike down Goliath with this single Stone:  Health is the natural condition. We already have an Immune System, no need to manufacture one, as if a vaccine could actually do it.”


Robert’s letter to his state’s attorney general


Govenor Jay Inslee stated in his May 12, 2020 press release that mandatory testing for covid 19 will begin for all Washington State residents. The inserts in these tests state that “This test is not to be used for diagnostic evaluation”. My Complaint is that a mandatory test puts me and my family and every single resident at risk for a false positive which will lead to “contact tracing” and “treatment”. Since the tests themselves declare that they “are not to be used for diagnostics” and the fact that they produce false positives 80% of the time, then any mandatory test forced upon me against my will puts me (and everyone) in the most grievous danger. A positive test is a death sentence because the “treatment” is unproven to be effective and is highly toxic due to the mercury, aluminum, live viral particles, aborted fetal tissue, and God knows what else that is in the “treatment”, the much vaunted and eagerly awaited Vaccine. My complaint is against Anthony Fauci in particular and the National Institutes of Health in general because 1) the presence of a virus in a sick person does not prove that it is the cause of the illness. The FDA, the CDC and the NIH have done exactly no experiments to prove that covid 19 causes illness and have published papers in which it is only assumed that this is the case. Since “assumption is not evidence” and “correlation is not proof of causation”,  my Complaint must begin with an Indictment for Medical Fraud. Knowingly misrepresenting medical information is Felony Murder and should be prosecuted as such.

I want the Attorney General to File a Class Action suit for myself, Robert John Cinque, and all persons who have been affected and are under threat by this Medical Fraud.

Also, I will personally consider all attempts to test me for covid 19 as assault with a deadly weapon.

If the Attorney General will not proceed with my Complaint, then please ask him to send it to the appropriate authorities.

Robert Cinque

ps  I know it’s hard to believe, but viruses are not the cause of disease; they are the clean-up crew that gets blamed for it. It is on the basis of this Fraud that the Police State is advancing on our beloved Free Republic. Please take action or point me to those who can, many thanks