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On the Massive Fires in Canada & All Over North America


TCTL editor’s note: [See update regarding ammonium nitrate at end of post.]

After days of viewing information regarding the devastating fires in Canada, starting with the alert by Dutchsinse (Michael Janich) six days ago, and subsequently hearing from family and friends who live along the US east coast (and experiencing the heavy skies where I live), it seems clear that we still don’t know what is going on.

Many have sent links to “who did this” videos, articles and tweets. Many have reposted clips from “some guy on TikTok“. It turns out that the guy is Al Vachon (TikTok handle al_vachon). I have shared the short video and a transcript below.

In a follow-up video, Al expresses his surprise that he’s receiving so much attention. I have no idea who he is or what he has to say about anything else, but other people who are questioning the narrative, and who also have a backbone, resonate with his words and are sharing everywhere.

In the meantime, Dutchsinse has done more investigation and found that the fire locations link up with locations of oil wells along the edge of the North American Craton, as well as a relationship to earthquake activity. He shows the correlation between earthquakes and oil well drill points. Dutchsinse makes it clear he does not have the answers but he is researching and sharing all that he sees, along with his questions.

And today, Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante put together a video compilation of “fire”-related clips and thoughts,  which was sent out with his newsletter (also shared below).

While no one knows the truth about what is unfolding in all of these global events (natural occurrences and/or created or stimulated by human activity), we do know the full-spectrum-dominance agenda and that, regardless of the cause of the fires, the agenda drivers will use the situation to further their death cult (anti-human and anti-nature).  They will push forward their evil control agendas.

We must individually face the lies that we were all born in to, stand up, resist, and live/create our daily lives outside of their control. And we must let go of the fear of death. Life as enslaved beings is a far worse fate than death.

~ Kathleen


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Canada Is on Fire

by Al Vachon on TikTok
June 4, 2023


♬ original sound – Al

Transcript prepared by Truth Comes to Light:

Good morning, everybody. I wanted to touch on this one this morning. It’s getting so bad that I don’t think people really, truly understand what’s going on.

If you haven’t heard the latest up here in Canada, BC is on fire. The East Coast is on fire. And now Quebec. Quebec, all in one day, the entire province caught fire on a beautiful day.

This is planned and I’ll tell you why it’s planned. They want to move people out of the countryside, into cities. Then they want to lock them down in 15-minute cities.

How do you do that? Contaminate the air, contaminate the water and so on.

They started contaminating the water, as you know, in the past few months. And now with train derailments and all that stuff all across North America, not just in Canada.

And that was purposefully done to contaminate water sources and then justify people’s relocation by saying the water is contaminated, you can’t stay here. Or the air is contaminated, you can’t stay here. Relocating them into whatever hotels or different establishments within city limits.

This is all a ploy, a plan, to get people into cities to implement their smart cities. That’s the only way they can control you.

First, they have to go to digital currency and get you into smart cities. This is happening and this is real.

This is evil. This is pure evil.

It’s our time to fight back. We need to —

I’m actually totally surprised that there isn’t complete and utter outrage, and an uprising like this world has never seen before.

Because this is what we need to take our countries back. Complete outrage and an uprising. Nothing less is going to do, nothing less is going to make this place a better world.

I mean, we have to take our country back. And the way we do that is we expel those that are destroying our way of life.

And what I mean by exposing them is getting them out of power. Forcing them one way or the other.

They don’t want to go willingly. We’ll help them out the door.

That’s it for today. Happy Sunday. Stay free. God bless.


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We Didn’t Start The Fire… But We Know Who Did

by Jeff Berwick,Dollar Vigilante blog
June 9, 2023


Long before there were Covaids, lethal injections, climate-destroying cow farts, and 15-minute prison cities, the NWO cabal has laid the groundwork for the biggest conspiracy feary of all: “How to enslave the world… and get away with it”.

Lesson 1: Sci-lence the Lambs

“Hey, morons! Canada’s on fire, it’s time to bring back the masks. It’s for your own good and the safety of others – how ‘bout a free anti-smoke vaccination?”

Isn’t it wonderful how these flimsy paper muzzles have such multi-purpose?

  1. Keeps you safe during the biggest “pandemic” the world has ever seen
  2. Protects you against stolen ammonia nitrate fires 3000 miles away
  3. Makes you look dumb as fook
  4. Identifies you as an NPC in the Great Reset Conspiracy – Climate Change edition

It’s got everything!

  • 15 Minute Cities
  • Sheeple not allowed to leave the city
  • It’s for your own good because the air outside the city is poisonous.
  • No cars – only driverless monorail things
  • Population control and Eugenics
  • Implanted control chips
  • Climate change/virus/meteor apocalypse has destroyed everything and there is no life outside the city – you can’t exist outside the system.

All of which were predicted in ‘Logan’s Run’, a 1976 dystopian cult movie where humanity was forced to retreat to domed biospheres because of an ‘ecological disaster’. Where, at the age of 30, people would be offered the choice to willingly and enthusiastically be killed in the expectation of being reincarnated, or, running like hell and hoping you avoid the armed, ruthless enforcers of the system…

Read more at Dollar Vigilante blog…

Watch Jeff’s video on:  Odysee | RumbleBitchuteTelegram


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Update 6/9/2023: Related to Jeff’s comment above about stolen ammonium nitrate, see this Tiktok video by RepublicanReflections:


What happened to all of that #ammoniumnitrate ? #republicansoftiktok #republicanparty

♬ original sound – RepublicanReflections

Cover image credit: CharlVera/pixabay

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