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One Nation Under the FLAW

by Adam Abraham, Thought for Food

July 8, 2020


The amount of money being spent for “it (a new vaccine) working” is irrelevant. The money is being spent because the new vaccine will work just the way old ones have, and have always been intended. They disrupt a natural biological process in a self-contained ecosystem, which results in what are called “diseases”. The self-contained ecosystem, which we call an “immune system”, responds to the chemical invasion. Said responses are named new “diseases” for which new vaccines are developed and SOLD.

The game has been running for over 200 years.

While the names change, the one constant is the steady decline in overall HEALTH, and a stead rise in new “diseases”.

With the focus on “diseases,” both the “heroes” (doctors) and their “victims” (patients/public) attention is diverted away from the sources and causes of the problem: which are the vaccines themselves, and the disruptive effect they have on the natural, intelligent ecosystem that they are *forced* to invade.

This is a well-oiled and highly profitable machine which is not going to see itself for what it is; which part of an ongoing holocaust, not just against Americans, but against the whole of humanity.

Sure, we’re supposed to look at each other with caution, suspicion and scorn. We’re to keep our distance from each other; steer clear because some potential nastiness that may come our way. We’re to suspect or fear our neighbor, but keep some chemical nearby just to make us “safe” just in case we touch something “nasty”.

We are encouraged to think that we have no defense against the little tiny bastards, fully unaware that our immune system is working, and is always working, even when we’re ignorantly, if not proudly, abusing and further compromising it.

We’re supposed to cover our mouths and noses… “it won’t matter, they tell us.” It means that you’re being NICE! Even if you think it does matter. “WE SAY IT DOESN’T, AND YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT *WE* TELL YOU!!!” (if you know what’s good for you.)

Am I exaggerating?

How’s that attitude working for you?

You’re supposed to submit to these authoritarian edicts on the advice of people who are invested financially in your following their advice, and stand to profit greatly if you are hooked into their scheme. Some are profiting already, selling off their shares of stock in at least one of the companies listed in the article below.

The experts get ample air time on television programs to fan the flames, to give their latest opinion on what is best to do.



Your freedoms and common sense are not important to these people, nor their accomplices in government. These “lawmakers” are, in fact, FLAWMAKERS. They’re making FLAWS all over the place; which will EACH have to be corrected when enough people WAKE UP and call an end to the game.

Under-Estimated Human Resilience?

The COVID-19 planners couldn’t even *pay* enough medical caregivers (most of which have no clue of the manipulation) to KILL patients (by intubation) who came in during the fear escalation. To compensate, they now justify continued restrictions on the increase in CASES.

IN EITHER EVENT, THE HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM APPEARS TO BE MORE RESILIENT THAN THESE ASSHOLES THINK. OR, the coronavirus and COVID-19 aren’t nearly the “threat” that THEY *THINK* IT IS, or what it to be.

I would be concerned for the people who rushed in to be “tested”, having their nasal passages invaded and irritated with who-knows-what. But even then, the immune system is more resilient and capable than we think. Our challenge is to learn how to help it rather than put ourselves in the care and advice of those who would take it down further.

We need to know more about our physiology and how it works; not from “experts” in DISEASE, but experts in HEALING. Ask someone who has dealt with, or experienced the worst that medicine could imagine, and how they recovered from it. What did THEY do?

I’ll tell you this: Your doctor won’t know much, if anything about it, and if he or she did, WOULD BE PROHIBITED FROM “PRACTICING” USING THAT MODALITY.



Medical history is riddled with doctors who, genuinely caring about helping their patients get well, used “off book” methods, and were turned on by the medical profession. In some cases they left the U.S. in order to continue their work. The suppression of these doctors and their methods aren’t limited to the U.S. The same scenarios have occurred in Germany, France, and other countries around the world.


A Hoxley patient


A sense of “entitlement” or “ownership” is at play here, but it’s no game when you are the one being treated like a commodity.

The Black Lives Matter mess shows how NO group’s lives really matter to the people behind the real issue.



While people are locked down and “protest” is forbidden, an from the principal’s office excuse is given if the “protest”, with its constant threat of confrontation or destruction, is “against racism or some other ism.

More hypocrisy.

The BLM people are all mask wearers, modeling the new programmed behavior, but NONE of its members are calling for the end of vaccines, which would HELP ALL PEOPLE.

Not only would their group be included in the vaccine blessing, Melinda Gates suggested that Black Americans should be some of THE FIRST to get the new vaccine strains. Sure, try it out there… NOT.


“Melinda went on to say that Black people in the U.S. must be vaccinated after more than 60 million health care workers around the world.”

Donnelle Eller June 16, 2020

Vaccines affect, meaning that they DISTORT and impair, consciousness and perception, in addition to cognitive and motor skills. The lower blood oxygen levels and viscosity, as well as cell hydration. Yet we’ve become blind to the causes of these effects, just as they want.

When parents could no longer ignore the connection between their child’s vaccination and subsequent impairment, they began seeking recourse. In 1986, the vaccine makers government FLAWMAKERS created a way to shield pharmaceutical companies from financial recourse when they established the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The website begins by saying: “Vaccines save lives by preventing disease.” The evidence and science says otherwise.

Nonetheless, parents have had to “prove” that their children were “vaccine damaged” since this court was established.

And with no more liability for the consequences of their work, other than a few paltry lawsuits that are paid for by tax dollars. the recommended vaccine injection schedule has gone up dramatically since the vaccine court was established.

image source


The government now runs interference to protect the criminal from the consequences of the crime against The People.



Even then, a parent’s only recourse is money, NOT the restoration of their children’s HEALTH, NOR ENJOINING the vaccine makers from making any more. In other words, NO consequence whatsoever on their part.

How do you like them apples?

The only way this travesty can continue is if we remain blind to the obvious, and silent to the treasonous.

The “privilege” someone has suggested you had, is a farce. The discrimination you thought was your group’s alone, is being applied virtually to everyone else, and has always been the case.

Even law enforcement, even the military… their minds and perceptions have ALL been under attack for A LONG TIME, because the battleground is NOT in what you see; it’s in what you don’t see, the world of the thoughts and words that guide our attitudes and resultant actions.

We don’t know really how “advanced” or “retarded” humanity is. However, the soulless people who would continue to blanket the human mind with lies, deceit, and tyranny, just to continue to play with their lives like it was a board game, are indeed retarded.

Heaven help them.


  • Alex
    July 11, 2020, 4:13 pm

    Thank you, Adam.

  • Corinne
    July 11, 2020, 2:14 pm

    Wow! Your article brought tears to my eyes. I have been saying the exact same thing and I am being called a conspiracy theorist. I pray for the ones who prefer to keep their eyes closed. The end of humanity as we know it is near!!!