Parasites on the Loosh – Knowing and Dissolving the Enemy of Mankind

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Parasites on the Loosh – Knowing and Dissolving the Enemy of Mankind

by Zen Gardner
May 11, 2016



The fundamental understanding that we are an energy source for some form of inter-dimensional parasites is becoming more and more predominant. After all, it fits not only ancient and even current religious and spiritual teachings, but every form of social and psychological framework as well. That we’re being used and abused is obvious, but by whom ultimately, and why?

There’s clearly a wickedly contrary current at play working against the instinctive creative and loving force most of us are tapped into and endeavor to manifest in our lives. We have not just opposition, but apparently a seemingly coordinated or similarly “inspired” enemy of mankind continually acting contrary to our best interests.

A simple perusal of the abusive systems at large in the human societal fabric paints a very clear picture.

Whether it’s deliberately dumbing down education and controlled media that only stifle and misdirect, or the engineered highly toxic social, geological, technological and essential resource manipulation we see escalating at an exponential rate, humanity and our planet are under attack and at a serious crossroads.

Loosh Change

Understanding the gnostic/archontic explanation of earth’s situation as propounded by John Lash as well as the Wetiko teachings put forth by Paul Levy, or even the growing body of alien occupation and exploitation research coupled with exposés of the real meanings of ancient religious and archeological discoveries, are profoundly important in order to more fully grasp what is going on here.

In addition, a further understanding regarding the actual energy being harvested, also known as loosh energy, is imperative and complimentary to this and extremely compelling, having its own attributes to help us more fully understand our socio-political, economic as well as psycho-spiritual environment.

Just how these parasitic forces operate and indeed manage us, however we conceptualize them on whatever level, in order to provide the enslaved energetic food source they need to live on, is essential to our empowerment.

It’s not exactly a pleasant subject, but then neither is the human devolution and depopulation agenda for the obvious purpose of the obvious, abject domination, if not destruction, of our species and planet.

The concept of loosh energy was more modernly articulated by Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute, although the concept as a known reality has been around a long, long time. His articulations are revealing, compelling and ultimately empowering.

Loosh, being life force energy (spiritual energy), is just simply energy, and includes the energy familiar to us as emotional energy both happy and unhappy.

Most notably, as terminology of rare usage, “loosh,” per se, was the word devised by Robert Monroe referring to the emotional energy radiated by animals and humans in dire circumstances that entail intense, severe pain and suffering in body and psyche.

And so, “loosh,” in this older usage, described a negative experiential spectrum.

So Who is Utilizing It, and Why?

That humanity is in a deliberately induced state of suffering is an incontrovertible truth. History attests to the oppressive and cruel reigns of dynasty after empire after micro hierarchy. We seem to resign ourselves to them in the knowledge that we can see them, yet the present day in our faces reality that it’s still going on and we’re even subject to them escapes us. We’re basically designed to not truly “see” them for what they truly are.

The “why” of that is a massive subject, our cowardly, seemingly self serving personal abdication of responsibility and sovereignty, but let’s stick to the overarching reality for starters.

[Spoiler Alert. Knowing these self-evident truths and the personal responsibility directly implied will bring on extreme personal turmoil; that or abject rejection in the form of denial, another learned behavior at the behest of the assumptive, invading controllers designed to defuse action.]

Back to loosh…

This “loosh” was not a discovery of something new.

Rather, it was simply Monroe’s identifying, and hence naming, of a metaphysical, alchemical phenomenon that has always existed (spiritual energy simply is) and – probably since many centuries ago, perhaps even millennia – was developed and exploited as a dark, multidimensional occult art and skill, utilized by secret societies and institutionally for social programming and mind control, and raised to a zenith in our electronic era.

Once there was a Monroe Institute, then related offshoots and derivations of that type of experimentation and research soon became the specialized, highly refined activities and techniques of Area 51 and Montauk for “military” and “defense” objectives (so-called), and the pop-music /entertainment industries and institutional pedophilia as they particularly are today.

As a type of spiritual energy identified by Monroe, capitalized upon by the secret services and black-ops, and exploited as a social engineering utility by the interdimensional Negatives, “loosh” essentially is of the earth planes (lower dimensions) and the trauma energy of the human and animal emotional body (for example, via the cruelty imposed upon and endured by the animal kingdom, and the brutality of the abbatoir).

As negative emotional energy, especially the energy of pain, trauma, stress, abuse, and suffering, or as Georgi very rightly described it, as “dreadful loosh,” it contains the heightened molecular content and organic /hormonal adrenalin-cortisol cascades, coursing through the quantum dynamics of blood, body, and brain systems.

Under such intense extremity of trauma, the blood and flesh is, for the Negative Entities, thus highly ‘enriched’ and hence highly prized, their brand of premium gold caviar diamond steak, as it were.

(There is a passage in the Old Testament where the gods rush in from afar, salivating at the aroma of burning human flesh. The so-called “God” or “Gods” in the O.T. – Old Testament – were/are mostly Negative Entities.)

Not only is this negative loosh highly coveted, but most crucially of all, it is absolutely necessary for probably most Negative Entities, for enabling and facilitating existence in the Earth planes, as well as for the ability to hold the human form so they don’t slide into shapeshifting.

Apparently, because of the vibrational difference in frequency levels, there is a fundamental physiological incompatibility which our negative loosh neutralizes for them, and which even enhances their energetic stamina and function in the Earth and lower dimensions.

Vibration and frequency, in them, in humans, and animal Earthlings, are key to loosh’s entrapment dynamics and emancipation from it.

More “Loosh” Energies and the Muti-faceted Entropic Breakdown Agenda

This is nothing less dramatic than demon possession and vampirism on a massive scale explained, or whatever semi-or-not paradigm you might subscribe to. We have to understand the dynamics of what is being reined upon us in order to fully empower ourselves in every facet of our being.

We’re in an interdimensional as well as an earthly, material conflict and it’s a battle for our survival, consciously as well as physically. Understanding these deeper dynamics is paramount to our welfare.

The concept of entropy lends itself to this, the scientifically identified impact of breaking down and reducing the energy of any given process or body in order to release energy. Burning fossil fuels is a perfect example, breaking down elements in order to harvest their energy.

There are so many examples of this, physically as well as socially… and especially spiritually. Religious institutions and belief systems are designed to do this.

You’ll see that entropic breakdown for energy harvesting phenomena such as nuclear reactions, cyber information and attention harvesting more and more, but understand the destructive process we are witnessing is releasing energy for a much deeper purpose than is being told. In fact, it’s unfathomable to the deliberately controlled mind.

These are the aspects we need to research for ourselves, but when we do, we find common denominators on every side.

Good Loosh, Bad Loosh

Now the good news.

All “loosh” is not bad or necessarily manipulated. We generate amazing amounts of good energy that won’t necessarily be contained or tainted.

But it takes some recognizing on our parts, as well as a centered and truth grounded reference point on our parts:

That’s empowering and should resonate. We clearly have the upper hand, despite their reversal of truth. Something to beware of continually. There’s always an overwhelming energy harvesting design to whatever they devise.

Harvesting Through Fear and Focused Attention

Our focusing on their designed end product is what brings their synthetic construct into reality. False education and especially media propaganda play an important role in all of this, with the ever looming backdrop of immense social engineering. That today’s news is focused almost solely on the acts and programmed words of world puppet leaders and the moves and lives of oligarchs and the parasitic “elite” is evident. As the expression says, energy flows where attention goes.

We’re feeding them with our attention, by design.

In other words, humanity is empowering the entire construct, in addition to energetically feeding this parasitic, spiritual and fully inorganic invading force.

This is vitally important to realize. While billions are glued to their boobtoobs drinking in not just propaganda and mind control, there’s an energetic exchange happening. As quantum physics has proven, we bring into reality what we direct our energy towards. This has profound ramifications on every moment of our lives.

The engineered wars, terror, tension and scarcity memes used for millennia, and heightened today by the aid of artificially intelligent empowered synthetic technology, makes for fertile ground for abuse and negative loosh production.

The Parasitic Loosh Harvest Reality – Child Abuse and Human Sacrifice

Meanwhile, not just by the terrors of war or continued engineered suffering of humanity, oligarchs, secret societies, and just about any organization or individual, human or not, who is integrally involved in this anti-human parasitic, self serving force, will also be an active participant in horrific child abuse and human sacrifice, to degrees unimaginable by true, empathic natural humans.

It’s part of the formula. An essential one. Torture, pain, suffering and death as the ultimate energy release to be harvested are their staples. It’s not aberrant in their minds; it’s survival. They are not of us. A profound differentiation you have got to make if you’re to survive and learn how to fight back and help save our race and planet.

The abuse, ritual sacrifice, and trafficking realities are coming into greater conscious awareness but it’s a long way from really hitting home. When you extrapolate this out to realize the entire control grid is parasitic in the most horrific and obscene ways possible, using us as literal energy sources via not just our work value, but our life force, that’s when the truth starts hitting home.

So How and Why is this Understanding Empowering?

These would-be controllers and seeming ‘hot shots’ we see in the news with their suits, uniforms and even religious or otherwise regalia are fundamentally impotent. They’re not organic nor do they care one bit about anything but themselves and some sort of Borg mind, cancer-like agenda to suck their host dry. If you look honestly at even the exposed public power figures they’re sick psychos in human form. I would venture to say they are not of us and a fully infiltrated, unscrupulous enemy within, and that we are in deep, dire straights if we don’t shake the hypnotic trance and rise up against them.

That includes the secondary psychopaths who’ve bought into the Borg program.

The real truth is, based on anything natural and creative and good, they’re ugly, sickly, shallow and weak, the definition of a blood and life sucking parasite. What needs to be realized, most of all, is that the power of this so-called enemy attempting to oppress us is ultimately of our own complacent making. Their only power is that which we empower them with. Without us they’re nothing.

Therein lies our strength. Not just to our awakening to these greater truths and understandings, but completely disengaging in any form of physical, economic, social or psychic support and letting ourselves be empowered by the realization of their resultant futility. But only if we truly wake up and take appropriate action in our lives, cleaning up our own selves and old programming, facing fears and avoidance issues, and detaching, yes detaching, from our tick like dependence on this false system and take full control of our lives – and then stand up for the truth in everything we do, whatever it takes.

They or their collective “it” are a synthetic virus, lab manufactured if you will. They can only mimic, just as psychopaths mimic normal behavior to get by while they suck anything in their path dry.

Nature itself is not on their side. That’s why they’re attempting to destroy it.


That the power of one candle is enough to enlighten a darkened room is weeny compared to the powers that lay within each of us. But it alludes to the idea. But I say enough over spiritualizing and convenient mental distancing of ourselves from our horrendous situation on this planet. This is way too late and beyond any reparation short of complete and utter pro-active rebellion with an intent to destroy their power. We have been invaded and beyond oppressively controlled, abused and sucked dry long enough. Anything at all was too much, but now we find ourselves so far down the tubes it may seem hopeless.

Screw that attitude. That we’re here, alive and just now discovering out true natures and infinite possibilities only speaks to the fact that this must have been our living, creative universe’s way of challenging us to the max to bring out the best in us. That’s good enough for me. It sure resonates.

Listen to the true human heart speaking. Learn to discern who is who out there and around, and stand in your truth and learn to act decisively. Don’t let them divert your attention or appeal to some soft peddling new age or otherwise compromise about reformation, “love and light”, or pray to some external BS to keep you from exposing and hence destroying their influence.

This parasitic voice works through the ego. As Don Juan called it, they gave us their mind, the predator mind. It’s that false self, out to protect itself, and hence this whole overriding system of abuse and compliance with it. If we’re not going militant in our resolution and understanding we will be consumed and the planet devoid of truly human life. What’s left will be a replica, virtual sadomasochist robots who love their slavery. Those who survive that is.

Do you want your progeny to live like that?

Because that’s what we’re heading for at such an incredible speed and with such momentum it’s causing even good hearts to faint.

Not me, and I hope not you. Get some damn courage and get to work. You’re gonna lose it all and all your loved ones and beloved home planet anyway if we don’t wake up and rise to this occasion.

Epilogue – The Empowerment of Greater Truth Coupled with Conscious Action

The fact that we can now specifically identify our oppressors and their techniques is incredibly empowering. While they appear to and in many ways do have the upper hand, it’s fundamentally extremely flimsy and illusory – a construct meant to displace our humanity and sense of conscious connection.

But it’s only if we agree to it and support it.

It will take a form of spiritual violence to take a stand. This is what’s being called for, and whatever else may follow. I hope you’re up to it. I sure am. This is what I came here for. And I’ve done the work to prepare for it.

Know your true identity as an amazing individual yet part of a vast continuum of the ultimate Source. Their fear based intimidation wilts in our gaze of knowing truth. Be strong. Informed, empowered and encouraged. And ACT accordingly, whatever the consequences. Everything will be thrown at you. That’s the nature of being a warrior in battle.

We already have every possible element needed to refute and dissipate this imposed, parasitic control system.

Live freely – and carry on the process. We’re not just observers, but doers of the very real truth we’ve come to understand. Act and be bravely! There’s nothing to fear in all truth and reality. It’s a charade only made real by letting their false reality in, like choosing to let a nightmare go through your waking day. Why do that?  Shake it and simply be who you truly are and act accordingly and be willing to go where it takes you, fears and all.

Their only power is in illusion, as real as the mass hypnosis and resultant subservience and empowerment makes it appear. It doesn’t matter how weird or strange these manifesting influences may seem to be or how many are bowing down to them. Stand on your authentic own.

Find it first of all, that’s the real journey, and then stand like a tree against the storm – and then move forward.

See you on the frontline. We were born for this.

Love, Zen

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