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Our newsletter is automatically sent out at the end of the day, provided that we have posted new articles or videos on that day. On days that we don’t post new content, a newsletter is not sent.

The form for subscribing to our newsletter is found on the righthand side of the homepage near the top.

Subscribing involves two steps. After entering your email address, you must next click on the link found in the confirmation email that is immediately sent to your inbox.  (After three days, if you have not clicked the email link to confirm your subscription, you will be removed from our database.)  Always check your spam or junk folder if you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox.

If you stop receiving the newsletter and don’t find it in your spam folder:

If you stop receiving the newsletter, it could be that 1) your email provider is blocking our content or 2) we have unsubscribed your email address from our list.

1) Some email providers are blocking our content. This is occurring on a regular basis with, and If you wish to continue receiving the newsletter, you will need to open a privacy-focused email address that does not participate in censorship ( is one suggestion).

2) We unsubscribe email addresses when a recipient has marked our newsletter  as spam or phishing. We also unsubscribe readers who use the newsletter email address to send harassment, threats or any type of disrespectful and abusive content.

Alternatives to receiving the newsletter:

You can alternately follow us on telegrambrighteon social and minds where we are now sharing links to all posts daily. Like many others, we have been banned from Twitter and Facebook so you will not find us there.

Another option is to follow our site via RSS. If you aren’t familiar with RSS, see James Corbett’s tutorial

Our RSS link:

To unsubscribe from our daily newsletter:

At the bottom of every newsletter you receive, you’ll find an unsubscribe link. Click that link to easily unsubscribe.

Do we share your email, use it for any marketing or hold onto it after you unsubscribe? 

We never share your email with anyone. We have only one list — that for our daily newsletter. We do not sell any products or services from this site. When you unsubscribe, your email is permanently eliminated from our database.

If you are receiving notifications in your browser for every post we make:

This is a web browser function (which you must opt into) and is not linked with the newsletter subscription. Some people opt into browser notifications for new posts without realizing how that feature works. This is something you will need to adjust within your own browser. For more information on stopping the notifications and/or preventing all notification prompts when you visit websites (ours included), see this article.:

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