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by Willem Felderhof
October 4, 2019


With indescribable sadness and pain in my heart I was informed that my dear friend Maurice Herman (Morris) passed away on the 2nd of October 3 AM Cambodian Time. Shortly after our last talk we did on the 19th of last month September, Morris became sick and his condition was deteriorating rapidly to the point that he passed away on the 1st of October.



Although I did not yet receive detailed information confirmed directly, Morris died as a result of severe dengue fever. His condition had rapidly declined over the past few days. Blood was coming out of his right eye and mouth. His liver was failing.  His heart had stopped beating for a while, and the doctors spent 30 minutes resuscitating him.  He recovered, but died a couple of hours after that.

I met Morris for the first time when I was traveling in Cambodia in 2014 and we became close friends. We did do numerous talks on his YouTube channel after that. His Morris108 Youtube channel with over 60 thousand subscribers and more than 10 million views was taken down this recent summer during the Orwellian censorship cleansing operation which took down more than 18000 channels including my own. Morris and his family were depending on the donations on his channel so the impact of this was huge.



Click on this link to support the family of Morris and help them recover some of the medical costs and to help support his wife and three children who all live in Cambodia. All the members in his family are Cambodian citizens and they literally have no income or funding at all as they depended entirely on the donations coming in from the work of Morris.

Morris was a very dear and precious friend, his commitment to the Truth and sharing this with the greater audience has been inspiring for many to follow his example. He was a very loving father with a unique character. I am going to miss him dearly, may you rest in peace dear Morris and may your loved ones find the strength to cope with this enormous loss.

You are always in my heart dear friend and amazing brother in arms Morris,

with Love, Willem

Please share this information and donate via this Gofundme link to support his family: