Record Weather Whiplash

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by Dane Wigington
February 24, 2018


Record weather whiplash, record heat, record flooding, record species die-off, record low polar ice, record high military budgets, record quantities of bomb manufacturing, record ammunition purchases by “Homeland Security”, and even now the epidemic of public denial and apathy continues with converging catastrophes closing in from every direction. Is there any chance of waking the masses in time to make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Many have managed to convince themselves that the current industrialized militarized society will somehow magically continue into the future, such a notion is not grounded in reality. The window of time to potentially make a difference is rapidly running out. If the human race is to have any chance of changing course, the masses must be awakened to all that is unfolding. All of those who are already aware are needed to help sound the alarm, sharing and circulating credible data is key.