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by Zen Gardner
February 2, 2017


As captivating at the Matrix movies are, and their exposé of the concept and workings of the matrix construct, the underlying message is one of futility. The struggles against it, as valiant as they are made out to be, are in vain. Ultimately Neo makes the wrong choice, even being told he’s about to make the wrong choice, choosing his personal desires over the good of humanity. The “architect” of the matrix, as in grand architect, a clear reference to Freemasonry, clearly mocks humanity and its futile struggle with itself. Apparently, with their direction, they think we always ultimately make the wrong choice and the cycle has to repeat.

It’s very well done, entrancing people with the false choice of the red and blue pill, the high tech driven construct feeding off of humanity’s energy, and of course the adventure of fighting the bad guys, a constant movie theme for that feel good arousal and emotional release, else we catch on and apply that packaged reality to our real world. This is the same motive for the heavily pushed sports arena and other public contests, giving a release valve to our instinctual frustration and anger over our suppressed condition.

Painted as a challenge to overcome the oppressive matrix, it’s ultimately all false hope and futility against what has been already “programmed”. This gives away their underlying doctrine. In their view humanity cannot break the cycle – we are doomed to repeat it, which the movie makes quite clear in its ending. Why? They think they know us so well we can be manipulated by our very strength – our empathy.

Note also that Neo goes into the “bright light” and as if through a tunnel, giving us the preposterous message they have control over death itself.


Another very telling scene on causality reveals this doctrine, cloaked in false hope and baked in bravado and goofy fight scenes that make no sense. If Neo ultimately gets these super powers and can stop bullets, what the hell is he doing kicking and wielding all these fancy swords and daggers all over the place? But people eat it up, not realizing that as usual, as sensational as it all is to some, Hollywood is hoodwinking them with all kinds of dissonant hogwash to dumb down their perception.

But the principle of causality is a true one, which they live by because it is so powerful. They’re bragging here about what they consider their secret knowledge and their super tool, but it’s no secret, just the nefarious way they use it to manipulate humanity, which is what the occult is all about. But we need to take that causality aspect to heart but not fall for their trick of minimalizing free will, which this film screams, despite the choices that appear to be empowering. In the end, their game of cat and mouse is designed to just keep repeating.

Our actions and inactions and response to what we’re up against determine the outcome, and all intermittent outcomes. When we act on truth we set in motion incredible dynamics. When we don’t, it’s the same but the wrong ones, completely deleterious to the human condition and why we’re in this mess.

That responsibility rests on each of us.

It appears they are compelled to give us a whole lot of truth about what they’re up to. It’s either mockery, shedding guilt and directing it to us for our tacit permission even though we were warned, predictive programming to bring it to pass, or perhaps some other dynamic – or all or some of the above. (See here ) – Basically it’s bullshit in the grand scheme of things. It reminds me of this scene if you’ll excuse the campiness and expected anti-Muslim message:

Don’t be fixated by the intricate machinations of all this illusion. One blast of raw truth does the trick. Their attempts to induce fear only work if we cooperate with them. Unfortunately many are entranced by all this sorcery, which is what empowers it, but it’s ultimately an illusion based on lies. Just as it’s said archons and AI are inorganic influences, our true realm to the contrary is one of spectacular, natural true beauty – and power.

But it begins with identifying what we’re up against. It’s intricate, fascinating and mesmerizing but again, that’s what they feed on – the audience, us, and our naiveté and innocence. They’re harvesting our energy, which this movie clearly states.

I look at it this way. We’re in school, and we can advance as fast or as slow as we want. Some of us are in very advanced education as we awaken more and more. This entire battle we’re in is for our growth and advancement in conscious awareness and development. But the battle is for real.

They play humans as dumb and ignorant, in which they play the major part to make sure is the case by toxifying our minds and bodies and sequestering empowering truths and realities, such as natural law and the eternal and infinite nature of consciousness. What they don’t want us to wake up to is our true nature and the literal war we’re in spiritually. Once we discover that, our warrior spirit arises, and they’re in deep shit.

The Real War Is in the Heart

The real war is not in any sense what they portray. They’d love it if we went berserk and tried to fight them on their terms, conditions and playing field. That’s nothing but the external manifestation of the real war against the lies that bind and perpetrate this illusory play. And it begins in our own hearts, rooting out the false matrix we’ve been conditioned to believe is real. One truly awakened and fully realized soul can set ablaze the fabric of this veil cast over humanity. The principles may seem esoteric and complicated but they’re not. It’s all about truth, real truth. Who and what are we essentially? How attached are we to the goodies of this illusion, the comforts and support that ego so drives people to acquire?

Understanding what’s going on with true knowledge is essential, but we’ll still be one dimensional with no depth perception unless we open all areas of understanding. One is being open and receptive to true knowledge and being willing to see what’s really going on in our world. The second, and more importantly as this is too often neglected, is to be willing to honestly look inside and see the darkness we ourselves are cooperating with. All this in the exterior is a projection of the human state and our compromised, self serving motives and lack of true courage to stand up for full truth.

The other, and most important of all, is our conscious awareness that is looking steadily at the vast infinite resource of our true higher nature and our interconnectivity with Universe and tapping into all of it’s magnificent resources. Without that we’re powerless, but it usually awakens as the other two aspects come into our awareness.

To truly awaken and more importantly, keep awaking, is not a comfortable place. In fact, as John Maxwell aptly said, “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”


We’re now witnessing a collapsing, increasingly transhuman, AI and otherwise totally controlled world and a potential dystopian future for our children and planet. Seeing such denigrating hubris as this kind of veiled mockery by these Matrix movies and their message, never mind the day to day psychopathic behavior of the socio-political mayhem, it’s a time of decision for each of us.

Do we go all the way and commit to being the very change we desire? Do we have any other choice? It takes death to self and all forms of fear based attachments, including ego. We each have to dig deep and reconcile our issues and come fully alive.

Let go. The water’s fine.

Love, Zen