Rewiring: On the Power in Our Attention & in Maintaining a Non-Reactive Emotional Balance

Rewiring: On the Power in Our Attention & in Maintaining a Non-Reactive Emotional Balance

by Corey Lynn, Corey’s Digs
March 27, 2024


I have been reprogramming my mind and reconditioning it to how it once functioned prior to doing all of this deep research, intuiting, and writing over the past eight years. It’s actually more of a “rewiring” to sever and rebuild neural pathways I built along the way so that I can get back to a state of being in the moment, creating, and manifesting in a powerful and positive manner. It is a state that I always existed in, so this is a first for me to have to rewire these pathways.

I’m moving much quicker than I anticipated, as I’m already back to my state of observation with a sense of detachment and no emotional reaction aside from remaining in a state of peace, calm, and sometimes joy. I’m still working on the joy part, as it’s been a bit of a rough year for me personally.

I don’t know if people realize the internal programming happening within their brain that they themselves are allowing and in fact creating. The learning is important for awareness, but the repetitive thoughts and words are building one heck of a circuitry in your mind, and these control seekers are fully aware of that. I knew that when I took on this work, I would be soaking in a dark mud pit and it may become tricky to crawl out of, but I felt obligated to do so, and so I did. Though it’s taking me some time to rewire my brain, I’m enjoying the ride because it’s bringing me back to my old stomping grounds – a higher consciousness where the world is my playground, not a prison cell. Of course, it’s a trade off because I have had to step back from work to recalibrate and begin shifting into what I had always intended to get to…writing about the true power within us all. I wrote a little about this last month, if you care to check it out.

I’ve already begun writing down many thoughts and began an article, but I had to pause because I’m just not quite recalibrated yet and I need it to “flow” as it once did. It’s going to be fantastic and I cannot wait to share, I just need folks to bear with me a bit longer.

In the meantime, I hope that others are taking time for themselves and beginning their own rewiring. We cannot change the world until we change ourselves first, and it is so important to go within and do the necessary work so that one can get to a state of feeling whole, basking in joy, and being fearless and detached from any outcome. I reached the point of being fearless nearly a year ago. I guess there is something to be said for desensitizing oneself after doing all of this work, huh? Ha!

I hope people are beginning to realize – if it’s out of your control, it is a distraction and a time and energy suck. If it’s within your control – how can you exert your time and energy unless you yourself are in a balanced state without reacting emotionally? That is the state where creation takes hold and it projects a powerful force that inspires and motivates.

Let the rewiring begin!


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