Ricardo Maarman: ‘Show Us the Virus’ Movement Continues Its Legal Challenge to South African Government

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Ricardo Maarman: ‘Show Us the Virus’ Movement Continues Its Legal Challenge to South African Government
“We Won’t Be Deterred. We Will Grasp Onto the Truth and We Will Pursue It No Matter What, Hell or Highwater.”

by Ricardo Maarman, Show Us the Virus
Recorded April 28, 2022.  Uploaded to HWP Report on May 4, 2022




Transcript prepared by Truth Comes to Light:

Good day, South Africa. My name is Ricardo Maarman and I’m from the Show Us the Virus movement. 

Today is the 28th of April, 2022. It is the very day that our Leave to Appeal to High Court to challenge the negative judgment we had, with the cost order against me, was due. And so this is why I am giving you this update today.

Now before we proceed I just want to give you a background on the case and what has been happening so far.

You see, for the past two years (or more than two years) the president of South Africa, and many other presidents around the world as well — but in particular president of South Africa — came forward and made a claim.

He claimed that there was a virus called SARS-CoV-2 and this virus is causing a pandemic. And because of this, he has to take away all of the rights, or a lot of the rights, of the people of South Africa. And he has to impose these draconian lockdown, tyrannical regulations on the people.

And for the past two years, while he has been doing this, people have said many things.

You know, people have said this and that and the other in the showing their disapproval of what is going on and they’re opposition of what is going.

We at the Show Us the Virus movement have said one thing — can be summed up in one question that we have asked throughout this whole period. And that question is: Show us the virus. Show us the virus!

You make a claim that there is a virus, so show it to us.

And what we are faced with is controlled opposition who are trying to distract people from this question.

The president decided to fight the legal battle against me — a long protracted legal battle — and seemingly using all of his influence in the judiciary and his power to win this battle against me, to prevent me from ever being able to have this question answered.

But I think his silence has answered it already. And his actions. His dismissal.

He’s maneuvering has shown to us what the answer to the question is. There is no virus here.

The media has chosen to ignore what we’re doing, sort of an unofficial ban on this — never covering this court case. Showing anything else but this.

And the controlled opposition has been trying to distract people’s attention away from this. ‘No, that’s not an important question. THIS is more important than that.’ This is what has been happening.

And we have stayed consistent. We have said the same thing. Because when you speak the truth, and when you are focused on the truth, you do not have to change your tune every now and again. And that’s why you’ve heard the very same thing from us time and again. Show us the virus.

And that won’t change. We won’t be deterred. We will grasp onto the truth and we will pursue it no matter what, hell or highwater.

Now, what has happened as far as the case is concerned as I say that on the 28th of April, which is today, 2022, this is when our would Leave to Appeal is due. And we have successfully launched an application to the judge for Leave to Appeal.

But a strange thing has happening again. One week before this, on the 22nd of April 2022, the Constitutional Court dismissed our Rescission Application. Rescission Application is a sort of appeal to the Constitutional Court. And they have dismissed it.

Now, this is very important because the judge has dismissed our Interdict Application in the High Court because she says there was no case in front of the Constitutional Court, there was no appeal, there was no decision and, therefore, she has dismissed the case. And, therefore, she has ordered that I pay punitive cost of the billionaire president and also the pretty wealthy and rich Minister of CoGTA [Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs]. I must pay their legal cost, based on the fact that there is actually no case in front of the Constitutional Court pending.

The fact that the Constitutional Court — one week before the time — has dismissed my decision application without a hearing, is proof that the judge was wrong in her judgment. There was a case pending. There was an appeal pending in the Constitutional Court.

The fact that the Constitutional Court now has dismissed it a week before, it is supposed to have helped their cause but it doesn’t really. I think that is a little bit of miscommunication or there’s a miscoordination because it doesn’t really help their case. It advances ours. It proves, without a doubt, that when the judge made her decision she was factually mistaken. She was legally mistaken.

And that is why we are — we have launched this Leave to Appeal and we are successful with the merits of our case.

You must remember, at the end of the day, we have gone to the courts and we have said to the courts: The president made a claim. He said there’s a virus. We ask him to show the virus.

And the just and legal thing to do would be that he must prove his claim. He who claims must prove it.

The courts have, thus far, been dismissive of this basic and fundamental legal issue. And, as I’ve said, the media has tried to basically ban this, hide this very important, very fundamental, issue from the people of South Africa.

The controlled opposition. Now, who are the controlled opposition?

Controlled opposition are all those who say they oppose the government in this tyranny that the government is perpetrating against the people of South Africa, based on the SARS CoV-2 virus, but they agree with the claim of the government. They also promote the idea that there is a virus. And they feel that any lawsuit, or any case, that has to do with the Show Us the Virus question is not important. Other cases are important that focus on other things.

And I say to you, quite frankly Show Us the Virus is the fundamental issue here. Nothing is more fundamental than that.

Without the virus claimed there would be no pandemic and no other thing that anybody has a problem with.

And so anyone who is trying to say that they oppose the government but they agree with this basic premise is, quite frankly, controlled opposition. And the purpose of what they are trying to do is to distract you from what is really important. You’ll see this controlled opposition sellouts in politics and everywhere else, trying to distract the South African people, divide the South African people. It’s no different here.

And you see it — these kinds of thing pop up every time we release a message or every time that we are in the middle of a case of, there’s efforts to try and distract. Go look at the background and history and you will see the same.

As I’ve told you already, for this simple question Show Us the Virus, the president has chose to fight a legal battle with me for the past two years. The judiciaries tried to dismiss it. A basic premise of justice, they’ve tried to dismiss it.

Now, the fact that we have lodged our Leave to Appeal should show you — and the fact that we are still asking the same question for two years — should show you that we don’t give up easily and that we will not be easily distracted. And that we will not be easily deterred. And the fight is far, far from over.

Now, unfortunately, this is not the first time that this situation is happening in South Africa. It’s not the first time. Previously it was the HIV virus, that supposedly caused the AIDS pandemic. And the media did the same.

Anyone that opposes this is called an AIDS denialist. Anyone who raises any questions is ridiculed and attacked in the media quite viciously.

There was also protected court cases going on. And I’ll explain to you those court cases that went on. And, unfortunately, the result is very similar to what we are seeing today.

But first, there was also controlled opposition then. There was the Treatment Action Campaign that was pushing for pregnant women to receive toxic drugs (nevirapine). They were pretending to be on the side of the people and demanding that the people be given this toxic drug, sort of as a mandatory drug from the pharmaceutical industry that were the beneficiaries of this poisonous drug.

We have the same. Those people today who are controlled opposition for the government and for these people pushing this tyranny on us, they’re doing the same. They say it’s a bioweapon. They say it’s not so bad, but the virus is there. They are advocating people use ivermectin which is a toxic drug. They saying people should use other toxins, many other toxins.

I’m not a doctor. I will not be able to specify all of them. But many, many, many toxins. You can go check it yourself. All of those who claim to be opposing the government but they believe there is a virus or they advocate there’s a virus without providing any proof, they are also advocating toxic drugs.

The same that was happening during the time of the HIV issue as the Treatment Action Campaign did then. There was a … big court case happening then where the government then was challenging and saying no we shouldn’t be giving people nevirapine, it’s a dangerous, toxic drug. Eventually this matter ended up in the Constitutional Court then. And in the Constitutional Court Dr. Sam Mhlongo, he raised the issue to the court that the HIV virus has never been isolated and purified. Basically, the HIV virus was never shown to exist. So, you know, they were basically in their way asking the same question then: Show us the HIV virus.

And the court decided to dismiss Dr. Sam Mhlongo and say no that will not be entertained. The court will not answer such a question. Again, basic premise of justice. They claim there’s an HIV virus. Dr. Sam Mhlongo is asking them — is saying to the court they’ve never proven it. And therefore they should not be giving people toxic drugs like nevirapine if they haven’t proven the virus to exist. And the Constitutional Court dismissed Dr. Sam Mhlongo, as they are now trying to dismiss me again. It’s a repeat of history.

Sadly, soon after this whole debacle, Dr. Sam Mhlongo lost his life in mysterious circumstances — car accident and he lost his life. And this is how dangerous it can be to just ask a simple question.

To demand justice can be deadly when you are facing with such force of tyranny and injustice. And sadly, this is the case with Dr. Sam Mhlongo.

Now, as I’ve explained to you here — now this is twice in a row — that there has been, every time we go to the High Court, where we are supposed to go to the High Court, we are supposed to appeal, then the Constitutional Court issues orders. issues orders that will seemingly be very convenient for the president’s legal team and for the High Court then to to use together to judge against me.

There seems to be … I can’t say very clear. I was not in meetings where I see them discuss, but what I see is that within a week — every time we are going to the High Court, within a week the Constitutional Court comes back with a decision supposedly against us and supposedly in favor of the president. And that can then be used to help the High Court make its decision.

So this is a determined effort to see that the question of Show Us the Virus is never the answered and that I must be, you know, saddled with this legal cost. Because the financial cost would be quite substantial. They haven’t issued the bill yet and so this is hanging over my head. But what can happen here quite easily, if my Leave to Appeal is dismissed, my appeal is dismissed, and then I’m saddled with this cost. And then this could mean that they could see sequestrate me. It could render me to lose all of my assets and to be impoverished. So this is the threat that is hanging here — all because of asking a question. Show us the virus.

So, they are very dangerous, you know, in terms of their power that they wield and the threats that they have. As I’ve said here, Dr. Sam Mhlongo has lost his life… I have the knowledge that he lost his life for asking that question. And I’m asking that question. I’m asking the question for them to show the proof of these virus claims of theirs, including the one that Dr. Sam Mhlongo asked about HIV. And I’m asking in addition to that.

So I’m sure for me asking his question and redoubling that question with another one, with another virus, then I should be very careful about car accidents as well.

And, of course, in addition to this financial threat that they now directing towards me. But I am not deterred. And as I’m sure Dr. Sam Mhlongo was not deterred. That his death, and that if any such similar thing happens to me or loss of property, then my debt, my loss of property — or my death in the event that they do the same kind or try the same kind of thing against me — will be a witness against them, a witness against the tyranny, a witness against their falsehood. It will be a witness against their injustice. Because why should this man lose property? Why should this man lose his life for asking you to show us the virus when you have made this claim. This is the height of injustice.

They are determined to see that I lose these cases.

They are determined to see that I am silenced.

They are determined to ensure, with the help of their controlled opposition, that people’s attentions are directed elsewhere.

I’m saying to South Africa, we have been fooled once by these people and their tactics, their intimidation, they’re controlled opposition, sellouts, etcetera.

They fooled us in the past. We should not allow them to fool us again.

For them, having fooled us in the past, shame on them. But if we allow them to fool us and divide us again, then shame on us.

It is time for us to redouble our efforts. Here at the Show Us the Virus movement we have no intention to submit ourselves to evil or to falsehood. No intention whatsoever.

We will redouble our efforts as this lodging of this Leave of Appeal application has shown you. There has been many attempts to distract you in the meantime.

From my request, I asked you and I said South Africa please support me, please help me. I am facing these kind of threats, financial threats. And there has come a whirlwind, a whirlwind to try and distract you away from helping me away, from supporting this cause and standing for truth and justice.

I ask you not to allow yourself to be distracted like this I ask you to stand with me as I redouble my efforts to fight against this tyranny and oppression.

I will not surrender. And I want to implore you that, don’t think others will come and save you. Our situation will not change unless we change it ourselves.

We have to redouble our efforts. We have to pray and turn to God to help us to defeat this evil. And we have to stand together. And we must ensure that we focus. We stand as one. And we never relented evil. We stop it. We fight it. Whatever stumbling blocks there are, we jump over it. Whatever walls there are, we go through it if we have to.

So please let’s stand together. Support me as much as you can. Support our cause. We still have an uphill battle to fight.

We will let you know how the Leave of Appeal application goes. And after, that we’ll follow the appeal itself in our efforts to see that justice is done and that an unjust court order be overturned.

God bless you and thank you very much.


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