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Robert Cinque: A Flyer to Hand Out to Everyone in a Mask

by Robert Cinque, cinqueterra
July 1, 2020


[TCTL Editor’s note: Robert sent us a copy of the flyer he created to hand out to people wearing masks. ~ Kathleen]

Viruses do not cause disease.

Disease is caused by toxicity, congestion, immune system overload and the failure to be aware of and responsible for what is truly needed.

Health is the natural and inevitable result of good nutrition, sunshine, fresh water, deep rest, love, purpose and direction.

Viruses are the EFFECT, not the CAUSE, of disease.

Louis Pasteur, the inventor of the Germ THEORY of disease, admitted on his death bed that he was wrong. He said “The germ is nothing; the terrain, everything.”

His theory was very popular and was accepted broadly. Pasteur travelled around the country giving dramatic demonstrations that easily convinced people who were weary of chronic illness and eager for an answer to their sorry plight.  It was also highly publicized and promoted by the French Government because it enabled an enormous ability to dominate and control the people. Identify the “enemy”. Provide the “solution.”

His rival, Antoine Bechamp, disproved the germ theory and said, “Treat the patient, not the germ.” He showed that bacteria, viruses and fungi already exist within the body by hermetically sealing glass jars that contained living cells and observing that they decayed without the need for exterior, environmental germs.

The Germ Theory is plausible, but it is incorrect. 100% incorrect.

It is incorrect because the presence of germs in a sick person does not prove that they caused the disease.

Correlation is not causation.

Does the presence of Firefighters at a burning house prove that they started the fire?

Would it not be incredibly tragic to kill the Firefighters because you thought they set your home on fire?

The 30 trillion viruses, bacteria and fungi that exist within your body are there for a very good reason. If they weren’t, you would be not be reading this sentence because you would be dead.

They exist in an extremely complex symbiotic relationship with our 70 trillion human cells.

They arrest the invaders and execute them. They take out the garbage. They put out the fires.

If you defund the police, who ya gonna call?

You do not need to be a scientist or a doctor to understand what health is. You do not need a microscope, a textbook, or even a teacher.

You need only to look around you and observe that ALL systems, bodies, plants, motorcycles, electronics, galaxies, atoms, whatever, use energy, which accomplishes something.

Energy is cause that has an effect.

When you eat an apple, its electromagnetic field, the biophotons put there by the sun, water, earth, and air is extremely energetic. This becomes hydrogen, the first and smallest element in the universe, the interface between light and matter.

Its energy is released by a colony of bacteria in the cell, the mitochondria.

A colony of bacteria.

The cell is a furnace built from fat that burns hydrogen in the presence of oxygen.

If you have enough hydrogen and enough oxygen to combust it, you have energy to live and be healthy. If not, you get sick. Its that simple. You must have what you need and be able to get rid of what you don’t need. Being sick is a clue that something is out of balance, not evidence that you are being attacked by some bigbad killer virus.

Health is a matter of personal responsibility, for which there is no substitute.

Health is your birthright. Its your property. It’s sacred. Therefore, you must protect it.

Especially from a 100% completely mistaken medical “science” that confuses cause with effect and shoots the Firemen.

When your immune system is working, it’s the King Kong of the jungle and all those piss ant viruses floating around in the air are like ping pong balls thrown against a brick wall.

Don’t fear the virus. Fear your ignorance about it. Fear how it makes you cling to answers, like the people of France did. Fear wrong answers and how they makes you controllable.


  • Mateo
    July 2, 2020, 10:08 am

    I agree totally but don’t think this is effective as a flyer. It’s too much all at once. This mask wearing is really a freedom issue.
    Dollar Vigilante has a flyer that takes on some key points but it’s also an ad for their products.
    Maybe something with lies spelled out and links if they want to know more.