Robert Cinque: Moral Authority and the Rules of Evidence Must Prevail!

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Robert Cinque: Moral Authority and the Rules of Evidence Must Prevail!
A letter to Kathleen Stilwell at Truth Comes to Light

[Both the letter and my response to Robert’s letter are shared here with his permission. — Kathleen]

by Robert Cinque, cinqueterra
Contributing Writer, Truth Comes to Light
March 15, 2020



The weight of seeing that we have all walked into a trap and the door of the cattle car has shut behind us is unendurable.

Trump has ordered vaccines, my governor has ordered mandatory testing. Testing makes the cases go up so now he can get bailed out by the fed. What a racket.

The problem is that the virus cult has the unbeatable card: safety. No one can argue against the importance of safety and human rights. As long as covid19 is considered to be the cause of a pandemic, no shouting about human rights is gonna work. Defiance of safety protocols is considered reckless by decent people.

This is why the focus must shift to the scientific evidence for viral particles which the cell excretes under stress and away from the slavish worship given to the golden virus.

This will demolish the argument for safety — because it will be understood that it is the presence of a healthy immune system that matters, not the presence of a virus.

The satanic strategy has been to murder Nature and sell the corpse to us.

It’s working very well. Her mangled and tortured flesh is now synthetic poison used to kill her children. The Satanists just love blood and torture.

Jesus came to end Satanism. He failed. Now, the job is left up to who? Me?

Henry Makow and Ray Songtree and David Icke? They all know about the Satanists too and their Annunaki origins, but that’s not many.

How does one defeat such a monolithic enemy with so tiny an army?

Jesus called them liars in public. He knocked over their little racket in the Temple. One week later he was on the cross.

I like his approach. The liars I want to publicly call out are Fauci and Gates and Trump. I want to turn over their trillion-dollar apple cart and file a class action law suit based on medical fraud, extortion, racketeering, deprivation of rights without due process, and treason. And I want compensation for everyone who was injured.

Surely there exists within your audience lawyers and judges who understand how to do this. A grand jury must be called and evidence of crimes presented.

I believe that this is the only method that has traction. Moral authority and the rules of evidence must prevail. The correct understanding of viruses must succeed in its 200 year-long battle. It’s time to go to court.






I feel that weight too. It is unendurable, as you said. I know that most readers of this site will agree.

You hit the nail on the head with the safety issue. I know many of us are facing that same thing within our own families, our friends and our communities.

As you said, we are considered reckless by decent people.

These are the people we love, yet they can’t see what we see and, therefore, can’t see who we are. They can’t see that we are not reckless at all.

We care deeply about this planet and its future.

We care about ourselves. We care about our loved ones. We care about the truth.

We are paying attention and we have the courage to stand up to the lies.

We are not afraid of death because we know we can never really die, but we do not want to see this planet and all of humanity locked down by the energies of tyranny.

We don’t want our children, grandchildren, friends, strangers or anyone to be imprisoned by poisonous thoughts that teach us to fear nor by a poisoned environment that chokes the beauty, the soul and the life force out of all living things.

I thank you for your work in helping us to unravel the confusion surrounding viruses

If you are looking to reach lawyers and judges, I have no idea who reads this site. Some of the readers do write to me and connect on occasion but I’ve never asked anyone what they do as a profession. However, if we can all share as much information as we can, wherever we can, then we know we have done our best.

Will things get much worse before they get better? I don’t know.

What power can a few people have? Much more power than we know.

One thing I know for sure. We are not alone. And I don’t only mean that we have others on the earth who are standing with us. We do have that. There are many.

But we are also standing with ancestors. We are standing on a foundation of deep, abiding intention and of blood and sweat and tears from so many generations before us.  We were born for these times and our ancestors have been with us all along.

Will we succeed? I don’t know. But I do know that there is incredible love with us here — right now, in this very moment — no matter what may be playing out around us. And that love is the truth of all existence.

This is the time of great upheaval. The darkness is going for it with all of its gusto. But this is also the time of miracles.

Those who attempt to control us might hold the safety card and they might hold the human rights card. Those are powerful, hypnotizing cards for sure. But we hold the wildcard.

More than just holding the wildcard, we are that wildcard. We don’t need to carry anything. We don’t need to be experts, although plenty of experts are wildcards.

Those who attempt to control us see us as the enemy. They see us as those who will stand in the way of their victory over humanity. But we are not the enemy. We aren’t even part of their world.

We are not just rebels or revolutionaries. We are consciousness.

We are freedom itself. We are love. We are truth.

We will not be silenced because the words and the vision that flow through us are not only our own. They are the voice of eternity. They arise from the voice that can never die. It is the voice of eternal truth and love. It is the mystery that we hold deep within us and know as our Source. It is who we really are.

With love,




Robert Cinque

In addition to writing essays like these, Robert Cinque also builds beautiful, affordable and comfortable yurts for homeowners and businesses in the fabulous Skagit County. He has worked with visionary architect and organic designer Sunray Kelley for over 20 years. They formed Radiant Homes and are actively engaged in the development of the Living Home, the Bioshelter, the no-mortgage, no-permit, food and energy producing home. Read more here.

Robert’s essays “are designed to destroy what’s false and cultivate what’s real… They are intended to water the Seeds of Life buried under mountains and centuries of false beliefs, inherited “culture” and ego cults, so-called “religions”, including scientism, masquerading as truth…“.

Connect with Robert and read more of his essays at cinqueterra.  Various e-book permutations of Robert Cinque’s essays can be downloaded here.


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