Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Del Bigtree: Exposing Vaccines

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  & Del Bigtree: Exposing Vaccines

by Daystar
July 29, 2020


Vaccine Ingredients Exposed | Robert F. Kennedy & Delbigtree

[As a service to protect truth from censorship, mirrored copies are available at Truth Comes to Light BitChute, LBRY & Brighteon channels. All credit goes to the original source of this video.]


Robert F. Kennedy and Del Bigtree dish out the ugly truth behind the most shocking ingredients in today’s vaccines.


TCTL Editor’s Note: To view the entire video, the source requires you to create an account with their Christian ministry website. The clip above is available on their public youtube channel. To view the entire interview, first create account by supplying them with an email address, then enter this url to find the video:

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