Roy Cohn, Mighty Wurlitzers, Laptops, Biolabs, and the Ukraine

Roy Cohn, Mighty Wurlitzers, Laptops, Biolabs, and the Ukraine

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
March 29, 2022


The following two articles about the connection between the current misery in the Ukraine, Hunter Biden and the biolabs, were sent by S.D. and V.T., and they raise a question. We’ll get back to that question, but first the articles:

Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers ‘Isolating Deadly Pathogens’ Using Funds From Obama’s Defense Department

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden DID help secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research, laptop emails reveal, raising more questions about the disgraced son of then vice president

I could have posted, and indeed was minded to post this blog under the “In The News” category, were it not for the question that occurred to me while reading them.  The question these articles provoked was this: why, after deliberately dismissing the significance of Hunter Biden’s laptop during the last (s)election cycle with all its allegations of rampant election fraud, does the New York Times and other major propotainment media outlets basically reverse its position now, and acknowledge its veracity?

The articles above, while certainly newsworthy, are really not all that new; for anyone paying attention, the connections of the Bidenenko famdamnly to the Ukraine go back to the Obama era (as the articles point out), and Hunter’s role as a go-between were well known. No surprise. We have video of Bidenenko himself boasting about how he “fixed” a Ukrainian prosecutorial investigation by using US federal funds as the bait, telling his Ukrainian counterpart to just pick up the phone and call President Obama.  The Ukraine was also a test bed, you’ll recall, for the introduction of GMOs into slavic Europe, during a time period that Russia was rejecting them for Russian agriculture.

Now we have these articles linking Hunter Biden’s interest to the biolabs controversy, to the Covid planscamdemic, and so on.

And in the midst of all of this, the reversal by some of America’s propotainment media on the laptop. Why now?

In looking back on the media behavior in this country of the past five to ten years, I’m amazed.  During the 2016 election campaign, as most regular readers here know, I was a reluctant supporter of Donald Trump. In fact, I had come out of election “retirement” to vote for the first time since my disgust with the whole process with the campaign and election of G.H.W. Bush. During the Trump campaign, I maintained that in essence we were watching an election contest between two very deeply entrenched factions within the USA, the globalist-business-as-normal faction represented by Hillary Clinton (and, it should be added, the Republicans who crossed party lines to support her, like G.W. Bush), and that behind Donald Trump, a faction which was all but totally ignored by the media, which promptly dubbed his campaign and painted it as merely another “populist” revolt, and to be rejected by the cognoscenti for that reason alone.

What mystified me then, and what still mystifies me, was the almost total absence in the media of any coverage of Mr. Trump’s close connection to Roy Cohn, one time chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy, and a regular feature of New York City and Washington DC power politics including deep Mafia connections on top of everything else, and right up to the end of his life. One of my colleagues with whom I regularly interview, Dark Journalist a.k.a. Daniel Liszt, during one of our interviews referred to Cohn as “the original swamp creature,” and the epithet has stuck in my thinking ever since, because essentially it’s a very apt description. The silence of the media on this connection was deafening. It still is.

So again, why the sudden shift from a similar “silence” or rather, refusal to investigate the laptop in favor of dismissive stories about it being a Russian hoax, to one of authenticity. The change in narrative is nothing new for a media that has been consistently since the end of World War Two the “Mighty Wurlitzer” theater organ for the American intelligence community to disseminate its favored narratives. That is not the question, though sudden switches like this indicate why the lamestream propotainment media is losing what little credibility it had, and losing it quickly.

Again, the question is, why now, and why in the context of the emergence of articles like the ones linked above, drawing unpleasant connections between the Ukraine, Biolabs, Hunter Biden, bioweapons, and, of course, the president himself?

I suspect there’s at least two scenarios operating behind the scenes, and probably many more, but the two that spring immediately to mind, are (1) blackmail, and (2) “the B” team. Let’s take scenario (1) first.  In my opinion there can be no doubt that the leadership class of the West has lost its collective (and collectivist) mind with their attempts to ratchet up war hysteria and to escalate the situation in The Ukraine. Mr. Globaloney would like nothing better than to embroil Russia in a kind of “Ukrainian Vietnam” or “Ukrainian Afghanistan”, an unending guerilla war that will eventually cripple the country and weaken the Putin government. Initially, of course, Mr. Biden showed some residual remaining shards of sanity in his tangled demented noodle of a brain by nixing the idea of no fly zones and avoiding war with Russia, always a bad idea (just ask N. Bonaparte or A. Hitler). Kaisers W. Hohenzollern and K. Hapsburg got away with it, but not for very long, so that’s not very encouraging either. Even the Mongol Khans had to pay the piper eventually. Lesson: leave Russia alone, let them go about their business, you go about yours, and everything will be more or less fine.

Rather suddenly the Bidenenko regime appears to be changing its tune, and more willing to entertain the “escalation” meme, and I strongly suspect Hunter’s laptop has a lot to do with it. “Escalate, or we reveal all,” and given the Bidenenko famdamnly’s history and associations, that could be quite a lot spread out for a very long time. Think of them as the Clintons, Lite version, just as the Clintons are the Lite version of the Bush famdamnly, all of the flavorful taste of rancid entitled corruption, but only two thirds the calories. It’s one big happy plutocratic oligarchical swamp in case you haven’t noticed, and they’re not above blackmailing even a president of the United States (which makes one wonder just how they talked Mr. Trump into backing the coved injections and why he carefully avoids any mention of adverse reactions from them).

And that brings us to scenario (2), “the B team.”  In my opinion it’s fairly obvious that Mr. Biden is a disaster. He’s been a disaster for a very long time, ever since he thought it was ok to borrow whole swaths of a speech by the former British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, and mouth the statements without attribution. It wasn’t the last time a little fraud, deception, and theft were involved. But now, if the polls are any indicator, Mr. Biden is even more unpopular than Millard Fillmore or John Tyler, and they at least were Presidents who had the good tact to realize they weren’t up for the job and were inherently incompetent, and thus who tried to do as little as possible, thus demonstrating in the final analysis, some competence after all. In short, he’s pretty unpopular among Democrats, Republicans, and independents, and this means that his party is facing a bloodbath, so much has he damaged it by his associations with its radical left and advocacy of kooky globalist policies the party may not recover for several election cycles.  Thus there is already talk of getting rid of him  by forcing him to resign.  We can predict the hidden reason: “Resign or we expose your whole history, and your famdamnly’s too. Resign, and we’ll just call it a health crisis.”  Of course, the problem is “they” have also to somehow get rid of the Ayatollah Kamala, which leaves – hold on to your adult beverage – Nancy Piglosi, speakerette of the House of Misrepresentatives, as next in line for the throne, and who is showing – if not signs of her own looming dementia – at least some signs of difficulty keeping her dentures in place while she speaks.

Otherwise, everything is great in the exceptional nation…

See you on the…

… oh, one more thing. This just out:

Biden refuses to rule out first-strike use of US nuclear weapons under ‘extreme circumstances’ in dramatic reversal of his campaign vow after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

The Scenario?  Seems like another way to argue for that “football committee”. Mean while, the demented sock puppet can be counted on to go full nuclear if Mr. Globaloney orders him to do so…

See you on the flip side…


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