Russian Roulette: Unproven COVID ‘Vaccine’ Gene Transfer Technology

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Russian Roulette: Unproven COVID ‘Vaccine’ Gene Transfer Technology

by 21st Century Wire
December 29, 2021


Since the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out began in late 2020, government, mainstream media and Silicon Valley censorship departments has been working overtime to try and obfuscate the fact that the experimental  mRNA  injections are an unproven, genetically-modified gene therapy compound.

Despite a desperate effort by Gates-funded Fact-Checkers to convince that public that the unproven mRNA technology is “not gene therapy”, the scientific literature clearly shows that mRNA is in fact gene therapy, or rather gene transfer technology.

The so-called ‘vaccines’ made by Pfizer and Moderna use oily envelopes called lipid nanoparticles to insert genetically-modified material called messenger RNA (mRNA) blueprint for a toxic spike protein into a person’s cells which then become mini-factories for the GMO toxic protein. The Johnson & Johnson works slightly different, using a double-stranded DNA inserted into an inert adenovirus. The DNA also contains the instructions for building the toxic spike protein.

Pharmaceutical firms claim this genetic cocktail protects people from COVID-19, but upon closer examination their brash claims of “90% effective” are clearly fraudulent. Rather than require drug manufacturers to use proper metrics to prove real effectiveness, government regulators have chosen instead to look the other way and allow the fraud to continue unabated.

To date, in the United States alone, there have been 1,842,457 adverse reactions and injuries reported following these experimental injections. These number continue to grow each week.

As the new pharmaceutical ‘vaccine’ products have been intentionally rushed through the normal safety and regulatory procedures before being deployed into the population under the aegis of an “emergency use authorization” – and with zero medium or long-terms clinical trials or studies – then these are by definition experimental products.

What will be the results of this mass-human experiment, and who will ultimately be held responsible for the growing list of casualties? Watch: 



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