[Satire] This Is Joe Biden’s First 2 Days as President

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[Satire] This Is Joe Biden’s First 2 Days as President

by WhatsHerFace
January 23, 2021


Original video available at WhatsHerFace YouTube channel.

Joe Biden wasted no time getting to work on his first 2 days as President.

That work included snubbing the minorities.

Firing US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams, a black man.

Signing a mask mandate for federal employees on federal property which he immediately violated.

Banished US troops to a parking garage.

Broke promises like not banning fracking and not wanting to make covid vaccinations mandatory.

Hiring Tom Vilsack (Mr. Monsanto) as his agriculture secretary.

The list goes on and on, but the one positive thing from all this is that lies are being revealed and lies create truth seekers.

[As a service to protect truth from censorship and to share widely, mirrored copies of this video are available at Truth Comes to Light BitChute, Brighteon, Lbry/Odysee channels. All credit, along with our sincere thanks, goes to the original source of this video. Please follow links provided to support their work.]

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