Seven Days in May and the Military Coup Plot Against JFK

Seven Days in May and the Military Coup Plot Against JFK

by Matthew Ehret, Matt Ehret’s Insights
Septemer 26, 2022


I recently published an essay (and short documentary) titled ‘Why Assume There Will be a 2024 Election?’ featuring the courageous intervention by a patriotic American General Smedley Butler who risked everything to stop a fascist coup d’etat sponsored by Wall Street financiers in 1934.

However this was not the last time that a military coup was nearly launched to overthrow a nationalist president during the 20th century.

The danger of World War and a military coup arose again during the short lived administration of FDR-admirer John F. Kennedy who found himself locked in a life or death struggle not with Russia, but with the Military Industrial Complex that had become dominated by the many Dr. Strangeloves of the Joint Chief of Staff and CIA who fanatically believed that America could win a nuclear war. JFK’s disdain for the military industrial complex and deep state parasite that took over control of much of the USA after FDR’s untimely death, and did everything he could between his time as congressman after WWII to his 900 days as President to restore his party and nation to FDR’s principles both at home and abroad.

These figures had even pushed fanatically to start a hot war with Russia during the Cuban Missile crisis and despised Kennedy’s threats to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds”.

Kennedy’s valiant efforts to achieve dialogue with his Soviet counterparts, move towards peace in Vietnam, support of colonial liberation, promotion of space exploration and advocacy of a Nuclear Test Ban treaty made him a target of the Deep State of his time.

During this period, this effort was led from the top by JFK’s two most powerful American opponents: Allan Dulles (director of the CIA) and General Lyman Lemnitzer (head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), both of whom were proponents of pre-emptive nuclear war, architects of the Bay of Pigs regime change trap and advocates of Operation Northwoods (an ultimate “inside job” precursor to 9/11 which JFK and his brother subverted).

As historian Anton Chaitkin recently reported“Lemnitzer had displayed what his faction viewed as his qualifications for this role back in August 1960, when, as Army chief of staff, he announced that the Army was all ready to “restore order” in the United States after a nuclear war with the Soviet Union—to bring back normalcy just as the military does after a flood or a riot”

This plot was detailed in a quasi-fictional book written by investigative journalists Fletcher Knebel and Charles Bailey published in 1962 entitled Seven Days in May and swiftly made into a famous film with unprecedented support by JFK himself who gave the film crew and director John Frankenheimer full access to the White House, advisors and materials.

In the story, a patriotic lieutenant played by Kirk Douglas discovers the plans for the coup which is scheduled to take place during a vast military drill led by General James Mahoon Scott played by Burt Lancaster.

The plan involves “initiates” beholden to General Mahoon Scott stationed throughout the entire leadership of the US military which intends to use the drill as a cover for installing General Scott as a fascist leader and ousting a peace-making President Lyman (possibly a not-so-subtle ironical reference to the figure of General Lyman Lemnizer) who is close to finalizing a de-armament treaty with Russia.

Under this planned scenario, President Lyman will be incapacitated in a bunker while the new military regime who disapproves of the President’s naive soft approach to Russia, takes over America.

Tragically, where the lieutenant is able to expose the plot and save the constitution, by the time of the film’s 1964 release, JFK had been deposed by other means.

Now 58 years later, history has begun to repeat itself with distinctly 21st century characteristics… and a viral twist.

Today, a new systemic meltdown of a $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble has similarities to the 1929 crash and other similarities to the 1923 hyperinflation of Weimar. What particular spark might be used to unleash a blowout of the systemic bubble economy now teetering on the brink of meltdown, one thing is certain: a turn towards a bankers’ run military dictatorship made possible by Biden’s NDAA 2022 should be taken more seriously than ever.

So rather than stressing about who might be on the 2024 ballot, it is wiser to ask the question: Where are the patriots today who have the ability and wits to subvert a new attempt at a global bankers’ dictatorship?

Appendix: I just discovered that John Frankenheimer’s Seven Days is currently available to watch for free on YouTube. I’m not sure how long this will be accessible, so if the link below fails at any point, you can find a more reliable (albeit not free) link here.

[Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: Mirrored copies of Seven Days in May can also be found on BitChute. See here and here and here and here. If those disappear, try searching for it at BitChute, Odysee, Rumble or other alternative video channels.]


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